Another look at the Nokia E61

Earlier today I posted a note speculating as to whether the Nokia E61 (recently launched here in the UK by Vodafone) could possibly replace the Blackberry.  Anders posted this comment saying it most definitely could! 

I checked out his blog which contains a veritable riot of details about his new E61.  I certainly recommend hopping over to check it out here:

He’s done the ritual unboxing pictures to preserve the delight and excitement of the experience and to help geeks like me get all excited too.  It does look very good.

I also recommend you check out his flickr gallery and in particular this picture of the E61 ‘in situ’ next to his cup of coffee and cool shades.  That was the one that sold it for me.  The E61 looks good.  It looks right in that situation. Quad band, wifi… now I know why my colleague Ed has been dribbling at just the thought of it.  He’s due an upgrade on his Vodafone account so I will need to remind him about this. 

I wonder what the email’s like on the device.  Anders, are you going to use Blackberry Connect with it? Or similar?   That’s the ultimate kicker for me:  I need more or less real time email.  I can’t tolerate having email arrive every 10 minutes — not when I’m out and about and need to be dealing with issues right-away, so I’m not that keen on some sort of syncing Visto style concept.

Oooh I wonder if Yahoo! Go might work on the E61?  That service promised so much 😐

(Mental note: I’m going to put Yahoo Go on the N90 and see what it’s like)

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Thanks for the write up and the link. I am using my Nokia E61 with BlackBerry Connect. I plan to write a post about it so stay tuned 🙂
I like your work!

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