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Our uber tech geek Rachel of The Future’s Perfect (she helps with a lot of our web technology) showed me Google Maps mobile this morning.  I mean *proper* Google Maps.  You can scroll them.  That’s the major thing for me.  For some reason I totally blanked that Google were offering this.  Looking at the list of supported devices, it appears to work on everything.

Well, by ‘everything’, I mean, the Nokia and the new Blackberry I’m thinking of getting 😉 

If you haven’t already looked, point your mobile browser to

Such a show-off is Rachel, she used Google Maps to help the taxi driver find her on Friday night.  Annoyingly, Rachel swears by Windows Mobile and is currently swanning around London with an SPV C600.

By Ewan

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One reply on “Google movable, scrollable maps on mobile”

Not 100% impressed by the SPV C600 (too slow, the rocker has been replaced by a useless joystick, no MS Office and No 3G) I am presently looking into alternatives including a Blackberry, the Nokia Communicator or Nokia E61.

I think that I am barking up the wrong tree looking for a useful email and office on the move device.

I shall stick with my C600, PCMCIA 3G card and laptop until somebody brings out an A4 IPAQ; let’s face it, who likes making notes on that tiny screen?

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