Having a look at Zyb mobile backup

Oliver at MobileCrunch posted a note on Zyb this morning.  Here’s how the service is defined on their site:

Get online access to your mobile: Get instant online access to your mobile’s contacts and calendar with ZYB. By signing up, you’ll be able to store, manage and even share your mobile’s content online with friends within minutes. No cables or downloads needed.

I took a quick look and within 60 seconds of visiting the site, Zyb was configured and syncing on my N90.  Very smart.  Very free, too. 

It’s a similar service to the likes of MightyPhone ($1.99/month on a US carrier) at the moment, however I suspect Zyb may well have a heck of a lot of other complimentary services and features up their sleeves making them certainly a company to watch.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous service to use and the only one that I would recommend to my non mobile geeky friends.  I reckon they’d have no trouble getting the service operational.   On the Nokia, Zyb makes direct use of the ‘sync’ menu option.  Zyb sent me out some oTA settings and bish, bash, bosh, it was setup as a sync profile.  Press the button to Synchronise and tah-dah, it’s done. 

Then when you login to online, contacts, calendar and to-do list are there in glorious synchronicity.  I really like the multiple-mobiles feature.  You can, it seems, connect an array of devices to Zyb and keep them in sync.  Love it.

Update: I was just having a browse around the Zyb site.  I see that soon, you’ll be able, for a small fee, to be able to sync your ipod, outlook and msn with Zyb as well.  Interesting.  I wonder if you’ll be able to sync more than your ipod contacts?  Data files perhaps?  Music, maybe?  Bring it on. 

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