Services launches unified UK SMS/MMS shortcode

iTAGG have got their UK shortcode, 60300, enabled to accept both text messages and picture messages.  This is excellent news.  Right now, they are allowing existing clients the opportunity to register their keywords — the registration opens to the public from 2nd July 2006.

iTAGG is a brilliant solution for anyone wanting to launch a mobile service without having to go through the huge trauma of building complex interfaces directly with aggregators and of course, avoid the cost of doing so too.  The vast majority of the service is point-and-click simple.  What’s your keyword? Ok. Cool. What’s the return message? Is it an image? A WAP Push?  Ok, and how much do you want to charge for that? 

We’ve used them many-a-time for a whole range of different mobile applications and they’ve always delivered 😉

MMS enabled keywords are available for a limited time to existing customers for £149 +VAT for the year (£199 +VAT after 2nd July).  This is a wicked deal compared to paying £400-800 a month for a dedicated UK shortcode.  I wonder if MMS enabled shortcodes are on general availability yet? 

Set yourself up with an account (that’s the iTAGG online self-service facility), you can get your service live and operational immediately with free shortcode keywords, free inbound MMS (on a long number – I think) and bulk SMS from 2.5p (if you’re buying a lot). 

While I’m here, I’m just looking at their 12 country dedicated shortcode package for £2,000 a month.  That’s a shocker.  Very good deal.  The amount of times I could have used that to help simplify things for us in the past.. geez.  Well I know where to go next time someone wants ‘the whole of Europe’ on a shortcode! 

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