MyMobileWatch launches £270 watch mobile

Picture_8_6Gizmodo profiled the £270 (US$ 499) ‘MyMobileWatch’ device which looks as though it’s more or less the same size as a normal watch. 

It looks like pretty interesting technology – it’s Bluetooth compatible so I imagine you would use it with a bluetooth headset.  Or you could use the speakerphone function.  I wonder what it’s like. 

If it was pretty good, I could see myself using one at ‘the weekend’ when I need to be contactable but a) don’t anticipate any big issues happening (so won’t bother taking the blackberry) and b) don’t want to lug around a handset. 

I’d also have it for the pure geekiness of being able to talk into my wrist like a spy.  All the details are at

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