Nokia E61 as an ipod replacement

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After posting some absolutely gorgeous pictures of his E61, Anders has posted a blog exploring the possibilities of using the Nokia E61 as an ipod replacement;

My iPod Nano recently bit the dust and went on to wherever gadgets go to rest when they brake down and die. Instead of buying a new 2 Gig iPod Nano for $199 I decided to pick up a 2 Gig Mini SD card for about $60 for my Nokia E61. Not only do I save some money but I also reduce the clutter in my bag by elminating the need for one extra device.

After reading Anders’ post and having a look at the super accompanying images, I had my first ever ipod-doubt experience.

Up until now I would have never, ever considered swapping my ipod for anything else. But if it’s becoming THAT simple and THAT unified (i.e. one device, point and click … woosh, you’re synched), then well, I glimpsed one possible future.

For now I’ll stick with my nano… but if it breaks…

The E61 looks like it could be one of the first devices to do ‘it-all’ for me — that is, blackberry connect email, qwerty keyboard, camera, mobile web browsing and music.

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Just a quick one. The Nokia e61 is not the ‘do it all’ phone, well, not quite. It doesn’t include a camera. It’s the e70 which is the nearest handset to a ‘complete package’ with the same functionality as the e61 AND a 2megapixel camera, brilliant!

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