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Jason Stirman created Oh, Don’t Forget recently.  I absolutely love the simplicity and clarity. 

To use it, you type a cell phone number, a date and time for when the message is to be sent and then the text of the message.

I love this sort of thing, I really do.  This is the kind of application that I started this blog to record.  Jason’s had a straight forward idea. He’s thought about it, he’s delivered it and wooosh, there’s a really useful service for all and sundry to use. 

Date and time could have been an arse, but Jason’s worked out a smart way of handling it.  You can, for example, write ‘now’ (and the message will be delivered right away) or ‘today, 3pm’, or ‘tomorrow 8am’.  Alternatively you can type in a proper date and time . Ultra smart.

Alas it’s only working in the USA and Canada (I imagine, because the costs are too prohibitive to do it in geographies where you need to pay per SMS message). Oh, and ‘now 3pm’ will, of course, remind you at 3pm server time… not London time!  So do remember that 😉

By Ewan

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