Samsung: The 3G phone of champions

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Samsung have been doing a heck of a lot of marketing recently. Sufficient above-the-line activity for me to certainly notice it – here is one ad I found on the back of the Telegraph’s sport section whilst having a pretty good pub lunch. Joe Cole and a few other England football titans are in the newspaper & TV ads showing off the Samsung Z400.

Anyone tried them? I’ve seen Samsungs around but I’ve never, really taken much of an interest. No specific reason. There’s nothing putting me off them. I shall need to get one soon and give it a go.

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petr cech, robert huth, and asier del horno!! Not very english 🙂

it’s some chelsea boys..

Yeah, i’ve been playing around with a Z500 and looking at the rest of the range. First thing first, they are all small. Which is brilliant if you want that. Secondly, the screens are amazing… actually, thinking about it, their screens used to be amazing as Nokia et al have caught up with their own QVGA screens, so scrap that as a bonus.

I could ramble on about how the user interface is not as intuitive as Nokia’s or the huge number of clicks you have to go through to complete any function or the difficulty in finding where you’ve stored stuff because they don’t give you much information. But the really big pain in the arse is the rreeeeaaally crap interface to computers. Samsung PC Studio is rubbish, it often falls over/hangs and takes a year to download calendar and contacts. It was terrible. So, if you want a weekend phone for, er, making phone calls and looking relatively smart on the pub table then get one. If you want to use more applications (including texting) get a Sony or Nokia.

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