T-mobile UK unlimited data plan @ £7.50/month

Aaaaaand relax!

I have been sending quite a few 5mb videos from the N90 and have had a lingering doubt as to whether I was automatically transferred over to an unlimited T-mobile data plan.

I managed to get access to the account online to have a look. ‘Nay bother’, as they say in Scotland. There’s an entry for £7.50 +VAT in the bill under ‘data use’. Fantastic. I had visions of hundreds of pounds in data charges, followed by a complex negotiation with someone in the T-mobile call centre. No need to worry.

Isn’t that brilliant? £7.50 (or £8.80ish if you’re including VAT) for unlimited data every month! You simply cannot beat that, I don’t think. Even the Orange £1 per day for unlimited gprs doesn’t come close.

Ahhh-pity-tha-fool paying £2.35 a meg on Vodafone.

By Ewan

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