A riot of comments

It’s been busy on the blog today. I’ve been able to read the comments posted by people courtesy of the Blackberry, but prohibited from approving them until I got in front of a computer.

This morning I was moved to wonder what happened to the Pogo Mobile devices that I saw around for a while. Mark of Shopqwik surprised the hell out of me by confirming that not only does he remember the Pogo devices, he actually HAD one. Wow! I thought they went on general sale as well. What a shame they are no more, eh?

It was out just before the xda which was shiney and slick but I can see the vision for the pogo. It could have been a major player in the mp3 arena but it focused on the net because everyone was talking about 3g etc. [Read his full comment]

(By the way, I’ve been playing with Shopqwik and more on that soon)

Salah of SMSWeb commented on a blog I wrote about their SMS “Porn Blocker” technologgy and very kindly answered the questions I was wondering about.

The TechnoKitten herself, Helen Keegan, wrote a super in-depth comment on her experiences of o2 Wireless Festival. Obviously, we’re all mobile geeks here, so what I really wanted to know was how the whole ‘o2 customers get VIP access’ proposal worked. Well, it didn’t quite work as I’d hoped. Helen didn’t see any barcode readers at all. Dear me.

I’d tried to get a barcode pass but I’m not on o2 so I get this reply “Sorry – the O2 blueroom is for O2 customers only. See www.o2.co.uk for more.” No mention of, ‘hey special offer, get this that or the other by clicking here’. Missed opportunity. I digress.

That’s ridiculous. They should have had some sort of upsell or something. Even if it was just some sort of ‘join o2 and get a £10 credit, take this text to your nearest o2 shop to sign up’. You know, something, anything!

Ed jumped on my post about the Samsung mobile phone advertising and posted this comment about their handsets in general. He doesn’t hold back:

The really big pain in the arse is the rreeeeaaally crap interface to computers. Samsung PC Studio is rubbish.

I think they’d be ok if you were synching with an Apple, Ed — but, for everyone else, isn’t a total pain when handset operators pay lip service to ‘connects to your computer’.

Paul, up late, agreed with me about Chuggers – Charity Muggers – and commented here about his experiences.

Finally, Paul Fabretti of Blendingthemix was straight in there after Helen Keegan also posted some views on Mobile Marketing on the spot. I couldn’t think of any decent mobile marketing examples in response to Paul’s original blog and had asked for help: Check out the discussion thread on the post here and see what you think.

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