Blackberry to Get Wi-Fi and more

Link: Blackberry to Get Wi-Fi, Other Added Features – Gizmodo.

Added features includes the always anticipated Wi-Fi, an audio player, video player, memory expansion, digital camera and even integrated GPS.

It’s such a total arse walking around with two devices, it really is.

The only reason I’m brandishing my N90 is so that I can take good pictures and now and again, wicked videos. The rest of the time, well… I really need ‘live’ email so the Blackberry is a priority if I’m out and about during week days.

I really hope they don’t integrate the shittest possible features into it. The email on the Blackberry is phenomenal, but some of the other features on it are totally flakey. Ergo, I will have a real tantrum if they bring out a device with some sub mega pixel camera on it. And make it’s video recording format some proprietary nonsense. I will have a fit if I can’t get something like ShoZu working on it too.

Emailing pictures from your device: That’s so 2005.

By Ewan

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