Double teamed by a Charity Mugger (“Chugger”) and their Res SLVRs

Motorola_l7_red_1I was walking through Leicester Square the other day when I was assailed by some Chuggers or Charity Muggers bearing clipboards.  You can’t walk through the square without getting approached for some sort of charity or other.  They don’t want a tenner or a quid… they want a direct debit off you for 18 months, typically — and they want to sign you up there and then.  They’re not doing it out of the goodness of their own heart, either.  There is a quiet dignity to the war verterans who stand for hours outside my local Waitrose around the Rememberance Days each year, sometimes selling poppies or just a little sticker, in return for your change. 

But there’s little dignified about charging at someone, calling them extremely well off ("Would you like to help someone less fortunate than you today, Sir?") and demanding their bank details. 

The chap on my left had a weird looking back.  I realised this was because he’d stuck his clipboard up inside his back so I couldn’t see it — so’s not to put me off, I imagine.  I’d noticed this because they guy on the right was busy trying to stop my stride. 

I stopped and they both sensed victory.  Once they’ve stopped you on the street, it’s a 5-10 min conversation to get your debit card out and then you’re signed up.  However I calmly explained that I support a range of charities myself and I choose not to do so today, with them. 

I then walked on — well, I had to walk around them as they were actually barring my way… and then I noticed it. 

One of ’em had a Nokia N90.  Kudos.  Kudos but.. you know, don’t show me your 500 quid N90 when you’re trying to get cash off me.  The other, however, had a new looking Motorola RED SLVR in his hand.  They’re being sold by all and sundry (including Tesco Mobile) at the moment.  They donate a tenner to ‘RED’ and then 5% of your bill, paid quarterly, to the charity.

Good idea, I suppose.

Anyway, that’s the only time I’ve ever seen anyone sporting a Motorola Red.  Ever. 

Details of the whole Red thing (and the handset) are here:

By Ewan

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2 replies on “Double teamed by a Charity Mugger (“Chugger”) and their Res SLVRs”

i hate these ‘chuggers’, they are almost as bad as the people doing the ‘have you had an accident int the last three years’ people, the easiest way to get round these people is just to say that i dont have a bank account that supports direct debit (or say you’re in debt), i’m not saying supporting charity is a bad thing, but i prefer to do it when i can, to the charities i choose and when i choose to. not every month with the same ammount (which by the end of the month i might actually need myself for my own food!)

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