Following up on Blackberry

Link: Wash Post reviewer: BlackBerry 7130c has “relentlessly awkward interface” – BBHub.

“The 7130c includes a speakerphone, but no camera, memory-card slot or music playback,” Rob writes.�”Its Bluetooth wireless seems good only for pricey Bluetooth headsets; it couldn’t exchange any data with an iMac or work with a Toyota Prius’s hands-free mode.”

This is a quote that Russell Shaw of BBHub pulled out from a Washington Post review of the Blackberry 7130c. Exactly the issues I have with the devices.

If you’re going to put Bluetooth on it, make it work with everything. Make it work with the Apple at least. I don’t care about Bluetooth classes and blah blah blah, when I see a Bluetooth sticker on it, I expect it to work with anything else Bluetooth that I’ve got. That’s what the other 2 billion GSM consumers expect too. But no, Blackberry has to be different.

No memory card slot.

No camera.

No music.

It’s not that long before I start looking at the Nokia E61 very seriously WITH the Blackberry connect service on it. Then, hey presto, I dump Blackberry. 😐

By Ewan

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