SpyMedia launches without mobile-pictures-to-web facilities?

Link: SpyMedia 2.0 Launches – Sell Your Photos on Blogs and MySpace – Mashable*.

Spymedia 2.0, the latest version of the site that lets you sell your photos for cash, will launch on Monday.

I was checking out Pete’s overview of SpyMedia. I’ve been checking them out for a while now — the next version looks a heck of a lot more usable than the previous. I certainly identify with the concept of snapping Brad Pitt as he walks along the street. However, I want to get that picture to SpyMedia immediately. Not in 10 minutes, not in 24 hours – immediately.

I want an option in ShoZu that says ‘send to SpyMedia’, for example.

It seems that there’s no send-from-your-mobile option on SpyMedia. I was absolutely floored by this line in Pete’s review:

Photos are currently uploaded using a web-based form, but SpyMedia President Bryan Quinn tells me they’re working on a mass uploader.

A web form? A mass uploader? 1990s technology! I wonder if they couldn’t implement a mojungle simplistic ‘send to email’ facility or wrap the ShoZu front-end into the service? (You can do this with similar Scoopt.) It’s point and click from the handset.

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