This blog coming to you via N90 over bluetooth

I’m in Cannes for one of our clients.  Overlooking the Croisette at the moment.  There was a lot of excitement at the World Cup… I had to wait 30 mins for a taxi from the airport because everyone was, understandably, glued to their TVs. 

The hotel I’m staying at doesn’t have wireless.  How annoying, eh?  It’s got internet — free internet — but you need a cable.  I didn’t think to bring a network cable and alas reception is totally out of network cables — until (mysteriously) tomorrow morning.

So, I am making do with my Vodafone 3g card which is absolutely blinding as always.  I thought I should give the Nokia a go while I was at it and while I had the Nokia PC Suite setup on the laptop. 

The whole process was dead simple.  Link the laptop and the N90 by bluetooth.  Select ‘T-mobile UK’.  Hit connect.  WOOOSH.  It was fast, too.  Comparable to the Vodafone card I reckon.

So finally, for me, the age of a not-too-stressful mobile data connection (delivered via mobile phone as apposed to PCMCIA card) is here.  There was no need to screw about with GPRS settings.  No bluetooth connection errors.  It just worked.

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