Flirtomatic available on Three – shocker

Picture_3_24I logged into Flirtomatic yesterday and found a message waiting for me from one of the uber attractive Flirtomatic team.   She was letting me know that you can actually use your Three mobile to browse Flirtomatic via wap.  (

I was a little suspect that they’d managed to get Three to open up their hugely annoying walled garden but went and found my Three phone.  I keep the Three phone plugged into the charger in my bedroom.  Why?  Well no one generally phones me on it and I like to keep it there as a reminder of just how patently useless the handset is to me, generally, because I can’t get open internet access on it.

I bashed out the URL on the handset and lo and behold, there it was — Flirtomatic via Wap.  It’s a very good service.  Really usable.  I browsed around and could do everything I can do online.  Top marks to them on making a wickedly good mobile version. 

Do you like the little Flirtomatic button I made?  I’ve put it on the main template now — just in case any wandering good looking single women are browsing SMS Text News and feel compelled to flirt.   😉 

On that point, I’m not doing that well on Flirtomatic — although I did get a nice message from Steve at iTAGG.  😉  Sorry Steve, if you put on a blonde wig and some heels, maybe 😉

You remember I send some messages to some users who were online when I was writing the Flirtomatic overview last week?  Well … nothing.  No response.  I think, perhaps, my profile is a bit too straight.  Maybe it doesn’t do to have me sat there in work clothes.  Perhaps I need to oil myself up a bit more, eh? 😉   

By Ewan

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