Jessica Simpson, her roots and her Sidekick

Well I thought it was time to glam it up this afternoon with a money shot of the Sidekick, next to Jessica Simpson.  Who, by the way, is generally pretty much unheard of in the UK apart from her appearance in the Dukes of Hazard. 

This isn’t a particularly fetching picture of her, but it was a good one of the Sidekick 😉 hence its inclusion.  Found the pic via a story on the ubiquitous

As you know I’m pretty interested by what mobile devices people select — whether it’s Jessica here or the three teenagers I saw outside Dominos last night listening to their phone.  I wonder why Miss Simpson selected the Sidekick.  Probably because it’s the in-thing to be a celebrity and into messaging a la Paris Hilton — but not into it enough that you want to get yourself a decent Blackberry.  I mean, surely she’s not going to stick that to her head if she wants to phone someone?  Who knows.

Incidentally, re: those teenagers: that’s the second time I’ve seen this happening in as many weeks.  Three teenage girls — school age I think — were sat stood against the wall next to Dominos in Wickford yesterday.  One of them had a mobile with a decent speaker and they were all humming and bopping their heads in time with the track. 

I couldn’t make out either the device type or what the tune was — I’m thinking it was probably a Sony W550i or the like to be making that amount of noise. 

Out with the ghettoblaster, in with the W550i, eh?  Fascinating how the technology is being used.

By Ewan

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