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I had a play with mobile instant messenger service, today with a friend. I couldn’t get MSN or ICQ to work — I think that’s possibly because I’m not a South African mobile user or possibly because I can’t charge up my ‘credit’ on the service (also because I’m an international user).

However my friend managed to add himself to my buddylist and we talked. And we talked.

The best thing about MXit is that it plays a little noise when someone sends you a message. It works in the background on the N90 too. Phenomenally good.

Finally. The user interface is the best I’ve used. It works quickly and fast and as intuitive. I could literally have sat there and chatted with my friend throughout the day — for free (totally free if you’re a T-Mobile unlimited data user, eh!)

Very, very, very, very good.

Download it and have a play by pointing your browser to and selecting the download link. If you’d like to add me, just whack me a mail and let’s chat via it.

By Ewan

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i have a nokia e65 and my phone doesnt want to download the new version. my phone has the symbian os and jar software that must be downloaded. what to do

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