Qtags go live with Popeyes restaurants

Picture_6_19Hot off the back of going live with Red Robin restaurants, Qtags have just announced that they’ve signed Popeyes restaurants.  Get in!  Congratulations to the Qtags team.  They really are pushing to introduce mobile into sensible, smart areas. 

Here’s a quote from the release:

Popeyes® Chicken & Biscuits, a division of AFC Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: AFCE) is spicing up its marketing efforts with the qtags’ short-code text messaging system.

In conjunction with its advertising agency Fogerty Klein Monroe, the Atlanta-based restaurant chain is adding the qtag ‘popeyes’ to outside signage at 94 Houston-area locations.

Popeyes will display a call-to-action on reader boards outside outlets inviting customers to text ‘popeyes’ to QTAGS (78247). Once texted, the customer will receive a text message reply with instructions on how to redeem free Cajun fries and Medium drink with the purchase of a Chicken Deluxe Sandwich.

So if you happen to live nearby a Popeyes, give this a go and get yourself a free Cajun fries!  Then mail me and tell me what you thought of the Qtags experience.  Incidentally you can get the Qtags press release on podcast too.

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Thanks for writing about qtags text. Each time we setup a live qtag word (like popeyes), we provide the client (in this case FKM and Popeyes both) with a live-report link. We can all follow-along real-time with inbound text traffic and view time/date stamp along w/ aggregated originating area codes. We are seeing spectacular traffic on this promotion, the Popeyes customer really is text savvy (and apparently wants a good deal too). For those who are super interested – I posted a photo of a door-clinger in action on, and on our blog feature post

Popeyes adds spice with qtags

Today Popeyes Chicken Biscuits is launching a qtags text program designed to spice up customer interaction! Customers are invited to text ‘popeyes’ to QTAGS (78247) for free food. The invitation is posted on reader boards outside restaurants through-ou…

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