Sony about 3 years out of date with Mylo

Link: Techcrunch � Blog Archive � Sony mylo wifi device packaged with Skype.

Sony announced its new mylo (”my life online”) personal communicator, a wifi device that works in any 802.11b wireless network. It allows instant messaging, internet browsing and emailing, as well as listening to music (MP3, ATRAC or WMA) and viewing photos and MPEG-4 videos.

So it does Skype, has a 2.4 inch screen and 1 gig of flash memory — a bit of a shame from my point of view that it’s limited to just 802.11b and can’t compete directly with the Sidekick, for example.

As per the title of this post, I really think that in some areas, Sony are about a billion miles behind the rest of the world. When they were delivering 64mb rubbish Network Walkmans (yes, I bought one), they should have been out innovating on things like this years ago.

We’re getting there anyway. Could be good!

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I’d rather think it’s the best time to relaunch Mylo. Three years ago, WiFi wasn’t that popular and hotspots not so numerous. By that time, Mylo and its functionalities presented any big interests just a happy-few. So dishing a personal communicator that integrates WiFi, GTalk and Skype is a good alternative to upcoming iPhone and Zune. But I’d think they’re chasing Nokia and its Internet Tablet. There’s a new market segment which is emerging.

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