News help you text internationally for 10p/text solves a fiscal problem if you text a lot internationally. By default, international texts tend to cost double the price — or, for example, Vodafone Pay As You Go is £0.49 per international text. 

Well, if you download and install the java applet, it’ll allow you to send texts via their gateway for just £0.10 each.  So, for example, you can save a whopping £0.39 if you’re a Pay As You Go customer.

After installing 10pText, packages costing between £5 for 50 messages and £25 for 250 texts need to be purchased to start using the service. Each buyer becomes a referrer automatically when buying a package. As soon as 10ptext users refer someone to the service the user starts earning free text. A referrer will receive one free text for every 10 SMS that have been sent by their referee as a thank you from 10pText.

This isn’t of course meant for people who send international text messages once in a blue moon, it’s clearly aimed at people who are continually communicating with friends overseas.  I think there will be significant demand from expats, gap year students and similar sub-sections of society.

10pText are also looking for mobile phone related websites to partner with — so do give them a call if you’d lik eto do business.  I wonder if they shouldn’t talk to AdMob?

By Ewan

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