5 questions to Pat Phelan of Roamfree.ie

Earlier this afternoon I said if you had a few moments to drop me a note and say hi. Generally speaking most people reading this blog do so on a delayed fashion — that is, you are more or less guaranteed to be reading this post, which I’m writing today (Friday) on say, Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

But both Pat Phelan of Roamfree and JuliaLost of high powered city law firm were paying attention live and send me mails!

I grabbed Pat and asked him if he’d be up for a quickie 5 question interview by email. (Julia had, by that time, already disappeared to go and sell another $100m company.)

Pat blogs Roamfree.ie — a blog dedicated to saving telecom costs for the global traveller. As a total victim of global telecoms costs (remember that bill?) I have a particular interest in this area.

I was conscious of time – I have a lot going going on today and I didn’t want to take Pat’s time up so I just knocked out five quick questions. Still interesting to read Pat’s responses.

Here we go…

1. What was your first mobile? (on what network)
It was an OKI (here’s a pic). I think it was on BT but can’t remember for sure — UK 1991, I remember my first call though: From a takeaway in Trafalgar road, Greenwich (in Dom Jolly style). I was asking my wife did she want vinegar on her chips.

2. What’s your current mobile & network?
Nokia 6230i and blackberry 7100x, on O2, we have 5 phones and we buy a 2,000 minutes per month package, usually around 600 Euro per month.

3. What do you think of mobile data cards — ever used one?
Have used o2 but speed is still an issue, I can pick up free Wi-Fi in most places.

4. What’s your favourite mobile handset brand?
Nokia, simple interface and simple to use.

5. Money’s no object: What newly available (or upcoming) handset would you definitely have?
I gave away an N80 in a competition last month, it nearly killed me to let it go.


Thanks for taking the time Pat!

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

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