Dialogue nailed to wall by Icstis; 70 complaints, £65k fine & 12 mth service bar

Icstis are getting good: Another service provider & aggregator have been brought to book.  I’m pleased to see action.

The hapless provider in the middle of it all this time is tier 1 mobile services aggregator, Dialogue Communications. Their client, B4U, it appears, sent out  ‘unsolicited’ and ‘misleading’ messages (quotes from the Icstis adjudication) resulting in 70 complaints. (Check out Grumbletext’s thread on the subject).

The money shot at the end of the adjudication reads:

Dialogue Communication Ltd was fined £65,000 and issued with a formal reprimand. In addition, both Dialogue Communications Ltd and B4U.co.uk received a bar in relation to the provision of this type of service (reverse billed SMS subscription discount ‘voucher’) for a period of twelve months.


(Thank to you Mr A for sending me this.)

By Ewan

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