Payphone Warriors swarming across New York

Link: ‘Payphone Warriors’ call on New York streets | CNET

This sounds like a cool game that I could potentially imagine playing in London — that is, if my team could find any payphones working 😉

But thanks to “Payphone Warriors,” a game in the Come out and Play festival of street games that was held this weekend here, I’ve got a pocket full of quarters and I’m ready to use them.

In “Payphone Warriors,” teams of four players spread out from Manhattan’s Washington Square park in a mad dash for dominance over the area’s many pay phones. The idea was that at each new bank of pay phones–and who knew there would be so many in such a small area–a player would pop in a quarter, call a prescribed number and then punch in their team’s code.

Dennis Crowley, founder of Dodgeball — and his Payphone Warrior team — won the game. Nice work Dennis!

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