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This is something I’ve been looking to use for some time.  The Blackberry’s PIN messaging services are really good — but of course, it’s rather difficult meeting people to talk to via PIN.  So when Jeremy forwarded me a link to the Sam Sethi’s recent TechCrunch UK article about Pinppl saying ‘You’ll love this’, he wasn’t wrong.

Kudos to Pinppl’s developer, Paul Anthony (have a look at his Pinppl profile).  I think this sort of service has the potential to be massively well used by Blackberry users such as myself.   I’ve registered already and knocked up bit of a sparse profile.  You never know, there might be some eligible young female Blackberry addicts  looking to connect with a hunky mobile blogger (this, of course, is me).

Sam reports that:

Pinppl [is apparently] pronounced by some as ‘pineapple”

I really don’t know how you get to ‘pineapple’ from ”pinppl’ — surely it’s ‘pin-people’? 

Who knows.  Anyway I’ve played with the web front end, just haven’t tried it on the Blackberry yet.  I shall do so later on when I’m on the train.

If you have a Blackberry, fly over to, register (it takes 20 seconds), and add me as a friend. 

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