TV editor resigns after mistakenly sending abusive text to boss

Link: Lorraine Kelly editor resigns after abusive text goes astray | the Daily Mail.

The editor of Lorraine Kelly’s breakfast show has resigned after a furious row with the television presenter.

Benedetta Pinelli, editor of LK Today stepped down after realising she had accidentally sent Kelly a text message saying she was a nightmare to deal with and that she hated her.

Kelly, who hosts the show on GMTV, was shooting on location in Namibia on Sunday when she apparently fell out with Miss Pinelli over the work of Kelly’s husband Steve Smith, a long-serving cameraman on the show.

Now, I heard and read about this story earlier this week and, well, I think I was so busy that I didn’t catch it for the blog. But I was talking to Polly this afternoon and she asked why I hadn’t covered it.

To be honest, I think it’s because I’m actually quite disappointed to hear that someone quit their job because they addressed a text message incorrectly.

The Daily Mail article reckons the text read:

“My god, I have really got the hump. I have just had this massive bust up with LK. It happened today. She’s a nightmare to work with. I hate her.”

She apparently meant to send it to her husband — but instead, she addressed it to her boss, Lorraine Kelly. Uh oh.

Now, we have all, I think, sent text messages to the wrong people. I am surprised that the person in question felt she had to resign as a result. Television is a heated enough environment as it is, so one imagines that she could have approached her boss and apologised.

The issue must have been bigger than just that one text message.

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