Boots implementing text messages to update patients on results

Link: Boots sends health results via text message –

High-street retailer Boots is using the latest communication technology, including voice and text messaging services, to deliver confidential health results.

The pharmacy chain will this month begin offering a chlamydia test kit and treatment services, after hosting an NHS trial for 16- to 24-year-olds.

Boots transmits the information via secure network to supplier Premiere Global Services, which uploads and analyses the data before determining the appropriate delivery method, automatically sending confidential results via voice, text or email.

Kicking and screaming, innovation lands on the shores of the United Kingdom! We should have had this years ago. Anyway, excellent. Bring it on.

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I’m wondering how this group handles privacy? Here in the USA, I’ve had trouble with T-Mobile misdelivering text messages destined for other people to my handset. Does the UK have looser privacy laws or has this company found a way to securely send information via text?

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