No surprise that Channel4’s Big Brother misled viewers – ICSTIS

SMS Text News reader Alex (top chap at SendMyTxt) is an avid follower of ICSTIS news releases — and spotted this one:

ICSTIS has ruled that Channel 4’s Big Brother voting service has breached its Code of Practice by misleading viewers.

Detailed investigations were undertaken involving Channel 4 and the two service providers concerned, iTouch (UK) Ltd and Minick Ltd.

To view the accompanying press release, please visit this link.

Not surprised. It definitely misled me and a few million other people. You vote out Nikki and then there she is back in the next week. Not good. Although you do have to feel for the service providers caught in the middle between the BB producers and the baying masses who each spent pounds voting.

Although don’t feel too sorry … if I had a penny for every message sent to Big Brother……….. oh wait, they do 😉

By Ewan

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3 replies on “No surprise that Channel4’s Big Brother misled viewers – ICSTIS”

Sorry Alex but your quote has failed to mention the fact that, whilst they had to pay admin fees to ICSTIS, they were let off paying an actual fine!!!

This really does nothing positive for the industry! It just convinces others that the “earn a million with one hand, get a slap with a silken handkerchief on the other hand” model is a winner!!


That was their quote – I did have a good rummage around trying to work out exactly how much the admin fee was – and gave up. It’s low though – couple of grand I reckon.

Interesting though that ICSTIS accepted Channel 4’s admittance of liability for the mess, and didn’t blame the service providers.

Agree that there should have been a fine.. after all it’s money in someones pocket, just as much as it was with the Crazy Frog and Jamster – and they got a rather hefty fine for (IMHO) a lot less wrongdoing.

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