Tell all: List your phone history

Can you list your sexual partners? Hmm. Ok, failing that, can you list every single mobile phone model you’ve owned?

Why? Because it’s important to know where you’ve come and where the industry’s come from — to help frame where it’s all going.

Thus, my challenge to everyone is to list the mobile phones you’ve owned in order — either post the results here in a comment or post it on your blog (and do a trackback, if you can — or mail me and I’ll link to it). I think it’d be really fascinating.

If you can’t quite remember, do as I’ve done — I can’t remember the model of my first one so I’ve put ‘Something Nortel’.

Here’s my phone history:

1. Something Nortel
2. Motorola Startac
3. Motorla V50
4. Sony CMD-Z5
5. Siemens SL45
6. Ericsson T68i
7. Sony Ericsson T610
8. o2 XDA
9. Orange 1st Gen Smartphone
10. Orange 2nd Gen Smartphone
11. Motorola V70
12. (4 x Sony Ericsson T310’s for MMS testing when MMS never worked at all)
13. T-Mobile Blackberry 6000 series
14. Orange C500
15. HP Jornada 928
16. Vodafone Panasonic GD87
17. Vodafone Sony Ericsson V800
18. Three LG 8010
19. Orange C550
20. Three Sony Ericsson K750i
21. T-Mobile MDA Pro
22. Vodafone 3g data card
23. Sony Ericsson W550i
24. Motorola SLVR L7
25. o2 NEC iMode N343i
26. Nokia N90
27. T-Mobile Blackberry 8700
28. Virgin Mobile Lobster 700
29. Nokia 8850

Updated as of 26th April 2007…
30. Nokia N73 on Three UK
31. Nokia E61
32. Nokia N93
33. LG Shine
34. Nokia N95

Updated as of 7th September 2007…
35. HTC Touch
36. iPhone (not yet fully unlocked)
37. LG Shine 3G
38. Nokia E61i
39. Nokia E65 on 3UK
40. Nokia N800 tablet

I think that’s almost entirely 100% accurate. The order might be slightly inaccurate but that’s comprehensive. As you can see I swapped operators and handset operating systems regularly 😉

Now, over to you — it’s your turn? Can you remember?


  • OK, you win that contest!
    Mine are (from 1997)
    1 Motorola Graphite
    2 Motorola Flare
    3 Nokia 3210
    4 Some massive, slow bronze Ericsson nightmare with a lumpy great aerial and bluetooth, that everyone was flogging of for about £20, or 1/20th of regular price, because it was SO SLOW! So bad, I can’t even remember the number.
    5 Nokia 1100

    No cameras, mp3 players or anything.
    Just phones, to make phone calls with.

  • Nortel one2one phone (dont recall model)
    Motorola One2one phone (again, dont recall model)
    Nokia 3210
    Sagem with cool blue backlight
    Sony Eri P800
    Nokia 8610
    Nokia 6600
    Nokia 7610


  • Waooh huge list ….

    1- BiBop (1996)
    2- something Nokia with Bouygues tel (1997)
    3- something Alcatel (1998)
    4- something Panasonic (1999)
    5- Ericsson R300 ? (one of the 1st smartphone) (2000-1)
    6- ??? (2002-3)
    7- Orange SPV (2004)
    8- Orange SPV 200 (2005)
    9- Orange SPV C500 (2006)

    My next one will be Qtek 8310!

    see u on Crickee

  • Mozzalee

    Brilliant thread, here’s mine from memory and a bit of searching support area on Nokia, MotoR & SE websites….

    1. 1st phone, size of a house brick not sure of model
    2. A Ford branded Motorola (not sure of model), had SMS though!!
    3. Nokia, prob 3210 (ish)
    4 Motorola C350
    5. Nokia 8310 (…radio, wow)
    6. T68 – colour, double wow
    7. T68i – with external camera for Pict Message (albeit didn’t work)
    8. Nokia 7650 – again Pict Messaging, integrated cam, v unstable platform
    9. Motorola T720i – as used by Andy Hunter from East Enders :), Java games though – MotoGP was ace
    10. TM100 – Sharp offered by T-Mobile, good slide phone, but everyone hated it (except me)
    11. P800 – ‘nuf said
    12. Nokia 6820 – “normal phone” with Blackberry client, good for catching up on work emails, no attachments and had to scroll for days to read medium size mail!
    12. Nokia 6230i
    13. SE K608i – 3G
    14 (well 13a), back to 6230i

    Next purchase, likely to be Nokia 6233 as compatible with car kit and got all the bits with it

    Happy with 14, but nowhere near 28 mind!


  • I honestly can’t recall my entire phone history!… at one point in 2004, my desk looked like this:

  • this isn’t the entire list… these are just the ones that i have bought (i used to get a load of free phones from a friend who was a manager at CPW)

    1. Massive Brick sized 90210 style phone
    2. Rabbit phone (possibly 90’s?)
    3. One2One Motorola c160 (Fantastic phone, who ever thought of having a battery pack that can be replaced with AA batteries!? Genius!)
    4. Ericsson t28
    5. 3x GA628 (One2One+Coca-Cola giveaway)
    6. Bosch 909i (sexiest phone ever!)
    7. Bosch 909i replacement for broken phone
    8. Nokia 3210
    9. Sony Ericsson P800i
    10. Sony Ericsson P900i
    11. i-mate sp3 (stolen by some nasty git from MY house!)
    12. Nokia 7710
    13. Orange SPV C500 (to replace the i-mate)
    14. Sony Ericsson K600i
    15. Nokia 7360
    16. Nokia N80-1

    Soon to be purchased…
    Motorola c975 (because it’s £4.99 in Superdrug on Three, and you get £30 credit! great for an emergency mobile)
    T-Mobile Web’n’Walk Plus datacard

  • Chandan

    I’m not on 28, but I can remember the entire list:

    1) Phillips Savvy [Orange PAYG] (wow, texting!)
    2) Motorola v50 [Orange PAYG] (street cred – made famous in Eastenders by Steve Owen aka Martin Kemp)
    3) Siemens M35 [Orange PAYG] (Orange offerering free Orange World? nice)
    4) Siemens C65 [Orange PAYG] (ooh, a camera, broke soon after, Siemens sent me an S65)
    5) Siemens S65 [Orange PAYG] (Made famous by Johnny Allen aka Billy Murray in Eastenders, i’m noticing a theme!)
    6) Sony Ericsson W810i [T-mobile Relax 35 Web ‘n Walk] (Hello data)

    I had that Phillips Savvy for years! It was embarassing! Never fell in love with the Motorola, looks nice, so hard to use! Loved the Siemens M35 but then after that, the next 2 Siemens phones were full of software problems. Sony Ericsson, no problems whatsoever. Easy to use, brilliant spec.

    7? Next handset has simply got to be 3G if not HPSDA (is that the correct acronym?) After reading Ewans post “N95 – T-Mobile? Surely not!” then I’ve got my eyes on this, upgrade is in May. If this isn’t out by then, I’m quite interested in the Sony Ericsson W880, i’m intrigued, it seems to be 3G and slim. I’m definitely going to be sticking to my unlimited data plan!

  • hi
    can you tell me where can i find list of all providers sms country ?
    thank you

  • Here’s my list. Collating it brought back some memories, good and bad. Please forgive me if the order is a bit awry. I haven’t included phones that I bought for testing purposes and didn’t use on a day to day basis.

    As you can see I’m pretty much a Nokia man through and through. I have lso desperately tried to make Windows Mobile work for me, I really, really wanted it to work but finally gave up and got a BlackBerry.

    1. Nokia 101
    2. Nokia 6110
    3. Nokia 6120
    4. Nokia 8110 (pure class for those ‘Matrix’ moments)
    5. Nokia 7110 (ah the dawn of WAP)
    6. Sony Ericsson T39
    7. Nokia 6310 (best phone in the world ever)
    8. Sony Ericsson T68i
    9. Nokia 7650
    10. Nokia 6210
    11. Nokia 6230 (interspursed around the following)
    12. Orange SPV Classic
    13. Orange SPV E100
    14. Motorola V500 (my one and only clamshell)
    15. Sony Ericsson V800 (made one video call, once)
    16. Vodafone 3G Data Card
    17. O2 XDA
    18. i-Mate Jas-Jar (that’s it, no more Windows Mobile devices)
    19. Nokia 7250i (loan)
    20. Sony Ericsson K800i (finally replaced the 6230)
    21. Blackberry 8707v (shame I broke it)
    22. Blackberry 7130v (loan)

    I’m a phone manufacturers dream!


    Here’s my phone history:

    1. NOKIA 3310
    3. NOKIA 3400
    4. NOKIA 2212
    6. NOKIA 5300


  • Giles

    Ewan, where is your Nokia 3210 in that list? EVERYONE had one!

    Bosch 509e
    Nokia 3210
    Siemens something
    Nokia 7250i
    Samsung D500
    Siemens SF65
    Sony K800 Cybershot

    I have a feeling I have missed some. I have broken enough phone to fill a land fill site.

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  • Just found this and feel compelled to answer:

    1. Something Qualcomm on Sprint (all I remember is that the screen was angled towards the front of the phone and it had a jog dial on the side.
    2. Nokia 61×0
    3. Nokia 7160
    4. Nokia 8260
    5. Nokia 3360
    6. Nokia 6340i
    7. Nokia 3595
    8. Nokia 6620
    9. Motorola V180
    10. Samsung X497
    11. Innostream A11
    12. Samsung P107
    13. Nokia 3120
    14. Nokia 3300
    15. Nokia Ngage QD
    16. Nokia 6682
    17. Nokia N73
    18. Nokia E62
    19. Nokia 6133
    20. Nokia 6126
    21. Nokia N75
    22. Nokia N80
    23. Nokia N93
    24. Nokia N95
    25. Nokia N800
    26. Samsung Blackjack
    27. SMT-5600
    28. Cingular 8125
    29. LG-CU320

    I think that’s it. I’m sure I left some out here and there, but that’s the most of them. Spot a pattern?

  • chris

    LOL. What do you guys do? Use it once then throw it away? I’ve had 2 phones in 12 years. A motorola “amigo” and now a nokia 2610. Should get 10 years out of it if they don’t discontinue the service like they did with my motorola. I never even paid for the nokia. They sent it to me free after they ended the analog service. Along with the list of phones you should list how much money was spent / wasted on the latest ego booster. The phone manufacturers must love you guys. I know I do because I’ve invested the money I didn’t spend on phones in the telecommunications sector. Thanks

  • OK, I’ll try here (not necessarily in the right order though)
    1. Sony Mars Bar analogue version
    2. Sony Mars Bar GSM version
    3. Motorola Timeport P7389
    4. Nokia 8890
    5. Nokia 6110 (green)
    6. Nokia 6210
    7. Nokia 7120
    8. Nokia 6600
    9. Siemens S55 Limited Edition
    10. Siemens SL55 Limited Edition
    11. Siemens SX1 Limited Edition
    12. Nokia 8910i
    13. Samsung D500
    14. Qtek S110
    15 T-Mo MDAVario
    16 Treo 650
    17 iMate SP3i
    18 QTek 8500
    19 Treo 680 (current)
    20 Samsung SGH i600 (current)
    21 HTC Touch Dual (current)

    I cannot imagine ever having a regular non-data enabled phone again.

  • Dhruv

    Wow, how often do you guys change your phones!! Ok here’s my list:
    1 Alcatel something
    2 Panasonic Gd (90 i think)
    3 Nokia 3610
    4 Nokia N gage QD
    5 Nokia 6101
    7 Nokia 5300
    8 Noika E61i (current…was eyeing the iphone but dropped the idea)

  • ohh man you have a quite long one, you used all those phones?

  • Tibor

    1. Siemens C45
    2. Siemens C62
    3. Siemens C62 .. yes, another one 😛
    4. Nokia 6600
    5. Nokia 7610
    6. HTC Kaiser

    Six.. I feel young. 😀

  • venkat2009

    I am using the unlocked nokia n95 8gb mobile.

  • lossweightdiets11

    nokia E61i it's a great phone

  • TB

    OK, here goes:

    Nokia nk402 (Orange branded 5110)
    Nokia 3310
    Nokia 3330
    Nokia 6310i
    Nokia 7250i
    Motorola RAZR V3 (argh)
    Nokia E50
    Nokia N95
    Nokia E90
    Apple iPhone 3GS

    I loved those first four phones, especially the first one. Then the next phone to really inspire me was the N95 followed by the iPhone. Notice how I made one move away from Nokia (the RAZR) and immediately went back to the fold, traumatised by the horror of the year I spent with the Motorola.

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