Vodafone Treo 750 MicrosoftHell

Steve isn’t having a good month. If you recall, he recently had a whale of a time trying to get his new Blackberry operational via Carphone Warehouse.

Well the phone bug bit him last week and he impulse bought a Vodafone Palm Treo 750. Here’s his experience..

Phones used to just work. Nothing clever, they just worked. You could call you wife and tell her you were working late at the office. You could text your lover and tell her you’d meet at the usual place in 20 minutes. It was all really easy, a few clicks and life was just sweet. Then Microshite came along and got involved. And suddenly we all rush out to buy fancy new Pocket PC’s and Smartphones and stuff (including Treo 750’s) running Windows Mobile Poo 5.0. On day 3 we are all relatively impressed by the sudden increase in things we can do without being tied to a PC. hhmmm we say, this could actually improve my life – give me more time for playin’ around and stuff! But then SUDDENLY…during the adding of a mobile number to an entry in our address book – not a complex task I hear you say…WHAM BANG DEAD!!! “An error has occured in Shell32.exe” and the whole god awful shebang freezes up and the only way to restart this piece of turd is to take the battery out. What the hell have we let ourselves in for by opening the window and letting MicroCrash into our mobile world.

Not good. Now, my Nokia sometimes has a bit of trauma and needs a good battery-out-restart. However I’m willing to bet that Steve’s new Blackberry, which is probably now gathering some degree of dust, has never ever crashed on him.

My Blackberry has never crashed. Not once. In about 3-4 years of usage. As Steve says, ‘Phones used to just work.’

I’m sure the Treo is reasonably good otherwise. Have you got yourself one? How’s it getting on?

By Ewan

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but apart from that I love my Treo 750. It is a massive leap (approx 789 light years away as the crow flies) from using a Nokia non-smartphone. So this is gonna be a massive learning experience. but in the end I’m sure worth it.

but please, microsoft really will fail in the mobile game if they dont stop phones crashing on the most basic of functions. The world may expect PC’s to crash but on mobiles where we have had no such problems for 10 years now, this simply will not be accepted. Microsoft think they can never fail at anything. I personally think they may well get a bit of a kickin if they get mobile wrong. There are too many other possible platforms already in the market for the worlds population to put up with their buggy platform simply because it is the only one.


hey how about this one. an international call comes in and I am driving so miss it. when I check the screen it tells me that I have had a missed call from “nnnnn” – where the initial country code is missing. I only know it was international (germany) because I was expecting a call from a german client and checked the end digits which matched his office number.

is that another stupid bug or what!?

anyone else seen that on a wm5 phone?


I should really have known better.
Before 12/10/06: Orange/Palm 650/Palm OS/fully Mac compatible.
After 12/10/06; Vodafone/Palm 750/Microsoft OS [clenches teeth]/fully Mac incompatible.
Day 1. Takes five hours for registration from Orange and Vfone to complete and new sim to activate. Unable to automate transfer of contacts(500+)/notes/pictures(400+) etc from 650 to 750. Bluetooth doesn’t work between the two; could third party software make syncing on Mac possible? I email likely candidates. Meantime, have to beam each contact, picture, file individually, then add categories etc. Nice one Palm. Although alerts/sounds work, I can’t hear or say anything during call. When I use the wired headset I am like a wise monkey: I can hear but not talk. Web, messaging works, but there is no VodafoneLive! “favorite”, I can’t access through Explorer Mobile, and won’t get the Premiership video clips I’ve paid for. Vfone support: “Calls etc are probably still blocked on network by porting (this is bollocks). Try” I enter the url to be greeted by a Msoft Error message: “HTTP Error 403. 403.2. Forbidden: Read Access Forbidden”. It is like being confronted by an illiterate bully from your old school and finding he’s moved in next door.
Day 2. Still unable to hear or talk etc. Sync companies – and Palm – “sorry, nothing will currently sync Mac/Palm 750”. Vfone support: “We’ll replace the faulty handset.” “What about backing up to save the hours of beaming?” “Visit any of our stores” (two local – “Which one is best equipped?” “They’re all the same.” Bollocks agan, as I found out when neither store had a PC to back me up and suggested visiting a ‘business store’ in C London instead. What a pointless waste of my time.)
Day 3. Back up data on friend’s PC. Order new Palm 750. If it doesn’t work I am heading straight back to Orange and my old 650.
Morals: the grass is rarely greener on another network. If it looks like Microsoft and is called Microsoft, it will always act like f***ing Microsoft.


your experience sounds like a walk in the park…

…http error 403?? you were lucky. when I were a lad, I went down shop and bought treo 750 and within hours, I say hours, I was having crashes in shell32.exe”. you young’ens, you never had it so good. just yesterday I needed to empty my entire address book. well the only way is to delete the file called pim.vol, reboot the phone and let it throw up 3 errors before creating a brand new pim file. and to reboot the treo 750 – well that’s a larf, there is no way to turn off the treo 750!!!!! you have to remove the battery. would you believe, they forgot to put in an ’empty address book’ and ‘turn off the phone’ option. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Microsoft had something to do with this…



oh and yes, I confer, that the thickAsPigShitSync is indeed that!! crap, useless…in fact for business users bloody dangerous. have lost all my address book entries on laptop at home, need to do another StupidSync tomorrow in office and cross fingers that it will copy all entries from office Pc to treo, rather than copy zero entries from treo to PC thus deleting PC address book. oh god, am getting cold sweats about losing it all on office PC as well.



Ouch- this is scary. I guess I should read reviews prior to purchasing new phone? I had the palm treo 650 on a verizon network in the states. It had its issues, but overall, I loved it. When it would freeze up, I would literally just remove the battery and replace it, and it would be fine (sounds like that is still an issue w/ the 750). I recently moved to London (and of course US phones aren’t 3G, trimode whatever you call it) and wanted a similar phone. Heck, why not upgrade to the 750 right? Ouch #2- I also recently switched from PC to Mac. I read about Markspace, and it appeared that it was the solution- thinking wow, so it WILL sync with Treo 750 and I’ll live happily ever after! Granted, I am not sure how much of what’s gone wrong is ‘user error’ or what is microshit’s issues. That said, after downloading the markspace palm OS Missing sync software…well, nothing happend. I’m trying to sync via blue tooth. Even tried USB cable. Nothing is happening. The only easy task thus far, was adding email accounts to the phone. My gmail account is working flawlessly (for now). So, has anyone tried/been succesful w/ Markspace software and syncing Treo 750 w/ Mac? I got the phone last night, I’ll report back any other issues after spending some quality time with it. Cheers.

Yes I am using Missing Sync for Windows Mobile, and so far seems to be working really well. I had the Sony Ericcson P990 before but they made it way too complicated, I would prefer the 680 but no one seems to know just when it will be available, so I am trying the 750V, and so far Its working really well both in the UK and everywhere in the USA. just wish it wasn’t windows !!!

Regarding my post 7- Yip as I suspected “user error”. I downloaded the incorrect version of Missing Sync. I needed the windows version, not the palm os version for my PALM treo…silly me. They refunded my stupidity and have been really helpful with troubles. If the phone stinks, well at least MarkSpace has followed through…

Got a 750v seems lot better as a device than the iPaq (6365) I had running Windows 2003. Windows Mobile 5 seems better but the PHONE IS CRAP, almost unusable! Probably even worse than the iPaq. Biggest problem is losing signal where other regular phones have no problem at all. Tempted to throw it away if Vodafone/Palm don’t sort it quick. Recommend don’t buy until you’ve tried it.

Some of your experiences sound horrendous. I recently swapped my Treo 650 on Orange to the 750 with Vodafone. I manually mapped my old Desktop contacts/calendar etc. to Outlook as I could find no other reliable way to do make the change. 2 weeks later I think I have all my data minus some unavoidable human error. I haven’t had a single seamless sync yet and I’m starting to have some issues with alarms/reminders. Although the Treo powers on when I have set a reminder for an event in my calendar or tasks, the Treo makes no sound/vibrate/pop-up message at all although I’ve requested it. Is anyone else having a similar problem? I apologise to those of you who seem to have more serious issues with their phones as my issue may seem like peanuts. To anyone considering the 650 w/ Palm OS to 750 w/ Windows switch I would adamantly advise against.


all this is so discouraging…but I’ve had the 750 for about a week now and touch wood, no problems so far. Even blackberry connect works a treat. But then again, I’m not on Vodafone nor am I in the UK!

But now that I’ve said its great, it’ll probably go crashing on me next time i touch it!

I believe the treo 750v (i.e. the Vodafone one) is different from the treo 750 (standard). Vodafone have had their mucky paws under the bonnet and all the complaints seem to be about that one. The biggest problems for me are intelisync (dreadful) and the fact there is no physical on/off button so I have to reboot it almost once per few days by literally taking the battery out!!


There are so many problems with my Treo 750 on Vodafone that I’m going back to my old SE P900. For starters the battery life is no more than 6-8 hours even with minimal use. That’s a rubbish performance. Next up the numeric keypad oftens fails to work during calls which ask you to press numbers. Then the sounds switch off without warning, the Internet connection fails completely and the phone signal is very flaky. Apart from that it’s great.

I bought one of the very first 750v’s, day it came out, on Vodafone Upgraded my SE P910i for it as the P990 was full of bugs and didn’t support vodafone mail. 750v worked for about a week, now nothing but trouble! Sounds and alerts intermittent, sometimes it rings, sometimes it doesn’t even if silent NOT on, Needs reboot around 3 times a day and email hasn’t worked for a week, so back to laptop!

Thought it was a great device when I bought it, now I absolutely hate it as I just can’t trust it to accept calls, get email or even find a signal. Going to Vodafone today to see if they can replace it with something else. Suggest no-one touches one of these things until all the bugs are ironed out and there are some positive stories coming out!

Well, you all seem to have progressed further than me. I can’t even upload the software disk as using powerbookG4 mac with Microsoft Office and have virtual PC (but apparently NOT Outlook 2002 which is — so Vodafone and the help manual say — is what is needed to get this phone to sync). Also I used to be on Orange with my 650 Treo and have switched to Vodafone and the 750 as don’t get mobile phone signal at home. Am beginning to wish I hadn’t bothered! I have 2500 contacts on my old phone…looks like I’m going to have to continue with my Orange contract for a good couple of years yet! I’ll check out the software recommended above…fingers crossed. Otherwise it’s a week of typing contacts out onto new phone with no way to back up without seemingly unobtainable Outlook 2002!

Is there an alarm issue solved yet? This is very annoying I rely on these. I wish I never switch to a palm with Microsoft s**t.

Have just been given V’phone Treo 750v to replace a 2yr old Blackberry. What a difference!
I now have to use two hands and a stick (usually). Yes, you can use one hand but it’s really hit and miss.
The Blackberry was intuitive and easy, and lasted 3 days on one battery charge easily, without ever turning off.
The Treo hides it’s light – if you have enough power to keep it on – under a really big bushel. The battery struggles to last 12 hours.
Why do I have to separately “stop programmes” even when I’ve closed them down?
Why isn’t there a button instead of a menu?
Why are my fingers too big?
Why haven’t my work contacts copied straight across from MS Outlook?
Much better colour quality (but email works well in black & white) and really good internet facility.
It has better wireless connection than Blackberry, but V’phone signal still very weak where I live.

Am on my second 750v. It will not connect with my car bluetooth or my desktop bluetooth. Activsync is a night mare and I had to clear my contacts when I sent the first one back one by one some 300 of them because there did not seem to be a way to clear the file. I am having my car Blutooth checked for operation. If that is OK the 750v is going back and I will go for something else. There seem to be a lot of bugs and it is not user friendly.

just ‘upgraded’ from 650 (orange) to 750 (voda). I also have the no-sound issue. plus here is the list of my other gripes I have noted down over the last 7 days….(these are compared iwth the old 650 Palm OS).
– Random lightups (phone lights up for no reason – really off-putting in the car, prob something to do with it losing then re-finding vodafone signal)
– No sound – even when al settings are correct (solution: soft reset)
– Making notes While in call – you try it, it takes about 20 taps just to get to any app in which to write (the old 650 took one button press)
– Too many button presses for simple common tasks
– Strange behavior when shiftlock or nulockm is inadvertently on (i.e when pressing the app buttons it does strange things, but there is no visual indication that you have shiftlock on)
– Too many button presses to sync – old palm: 1 press on a shortcut key. new device: start, activesync, menu, connect, sync (at least 5 presses)
– Doesn’t auto end calls, when the other party hangs up
– doesn’t sort notes by category – if you use categories in outlook the treo ignores them and you just get a massive list
– No visual indication of mute, so in the dark you have to fiddle with the hardware switch (which incidentally is way more fiddly than on the 650)
– Sync doesn’t sync an item if it is still open (and its not obvious if you exit an app with the item still open)
– You can’t see all an appointment description in the small space give, it doesn’t do a line break
– Items randomly not synced
– commands for common edit functions are different in different screens (i.e you cant just do menu x to cut, or menu c to copy cos it does something completely different
– many button clicks just to go speakerphone – what happened to the simple onscreen buttons for speaker, mute, hold, etc???
– Click on appt in today view doesn’t take u to the appt but to the current day – so if you are looking at an entry oin today for an appt tomorrow and you click it, the treo takes you to the calendar but on today
– When treo turns off while in an app, say while I am reading a note, when I turn it back on it goes to today screen, not back to the note i was in, so then I have to do about 50million clicks to get back to my note (which incidentally I have no way to organize by category so I have a huge list of 134 items to scroll through to find the right one
– No way to view notes by categories (when u use outlook categories for notes)
– Unnecessary taps to edit a task note – when a task is displayed and i tap the notes it should go staight to the edit screen, but no, it ignores me, then I have to hit edit, then I have to select the ‘notes’ tab, then scroll to the right place in the text…
– Cant use the 5way nav to move from appt to appt, it just scroll the whole screen (when viewing a day view). You need to take out and use stylus or use your finger
– When in a no signal area and you accidentally try to mke a call (cos you hit the green button twice because the response time is so bad you thought it didn’t hear you the first time), it says call in progress endlessly on the screen when no call in progress. Solution: turn off phone and turn back on again.
– No way to assign apps to the quickdial buttons like you can on palm – which makes the problem of millions of tap to open simple common apps even worse

…phew…thats it so far…

Problem is I like the ‘sexiness’ of WIndows OS compared to the quite bland Palm OS, but hell, if it doesnt work I may find myself going back to the PalmOS.

David. Enjoyed your rant thanks – mirrors my own experience so far and cheered me up/
Can anyone tell me why the activesync options screen has “files” and “media” in grey in checkbox and will not let me “tick” – I would like to sync word files etc with laptop

David, concur with all your issue PLUS:

– you can’t have a standard bcc in the Mail app

– your email automatically deletes from the phone once you’ve downloaded it to a desktop (unless I’m being really thick) so you can’t answer old emails

– altering appointments in the calendar is really clunky

…and it goes on.

One plus point – the 3G functionality rocks.

I feel your pain.

I used the Treo 90, the 180 and the 270, and I was happy.

Then the 300, the 600, and the 650. And I was still happier with them. I absolutely loved my Treo. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was like a loyal dog that always did its best to help. At least it tried to understand me, it usually did. And every time it would surprise me learning new tricks I had only thought of. Like a great dog.

One day my Treo 650 fell and broke. I waited for the imminent arrival to Italy -where I live- of the Treo 700p, but it never arrived.

Tired of waiting for un upgrade for my ailing friend, two weeks ago I bought a 750v. I am dismayed at the redmondish unfriendliness of the beautiful hardware, and I adhere to David’s list -except for invoking the “sexiness” of Windows, comment that probably reveals some curious perversion on the aforementioned reviewer.

Using the Treo 750v is an endlessly frustrating experience, and I am puzzled at how the Palm people do not understand that they are killing their brand name by betraying the very things that meant Treo at the beginning: intuitiveness, elegance, simplicity, imagination, courage. They seem to be proud to be a “me too” in the Windows galaxy.

When I see my Treo I can’t help but think of Jack Nicholson after the last electroshock in “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest”. I hope the Treo people reacts before I reach my merciful cushion.

Hi. Seems like te Treo 750 is a bit of a pain. Can someone tell me what the latest version of treo with the palm operating system is please. Thanks, Raj

Gosh! I have a p990i and a Treo 750v bought on Ebay plus a Nokia e61 and N70. No major gripes – 1st thing I did was to switch off 3G as my experience with previous 3G phones was to switch purely to GSM if I want to prolong battery life (will still switch it on for Net downloads). The Treo lasts me at least 3 days and that’s with 20-30 min call a day, using bluetooth for at least that much over 3 days, automated daily backup to minSD, synching, playing mp3, videos etc. Dialing and looking for contacts is intuitive and best implementation I have seen in a mobile and I have missed the Today screen when using my p990i. Threading of texts nice thoughtVoice command takes getting used but still works. Successfully synched whilst still connected to my p990i and also with Nokia suite running in background (oh yes planning to sell my E61 soon). Complaints – no wifi, only 1.3mp camera with no autofocus or flash,cannot hard switch off but never had a single crash and overall software functionality still outwieghs disadvantages. Now if you can combine all the best features from Symbian UIQ, Series 60 and Win Mobile (yes even Micros**** have some good feature set), then I will be the first to buy the damn thing

I recently purchase the palm 750 and all of a sudden it has decided it will let me call out and receive a call, but I cannot hear the caller when I speak and they cannot hear my when I speak. No, I don’t have mute on……..

Is there any remedy for this – I have tried removal of the battery and about 20 other things, but to no avail…!?!?!?!??!#*#&*#&@^@

Here are some fixes for Treo Windows Mobile users:
Poor battery life: After doing all the usual power saving things, including setting email donwloads to one every 60 minutes, the only solution is a hard reset
Contacts won’t sync: After you’ve tried everything else, go to desktop PC’s ActiveSync/Options. Choose Contacts only.
Windows does not recognise the USB device owing to malfunction: Forget cleaning the cable contacts, deleting the USB root hub or buying a new cable. It’s a software problem. Reinstall ActiveSync program from Treo CD, choose Repair option. Hey presto. Problem solved.

Quote: (Jasper) “- your email automatically deletes from the phone once you’ve downloaded it to a desktop (unless I’m being really thick) so you can’t answer old emails”

This is nothing to do with the phone. Your Outlook or other e-mail program takes the e-mails from your ISP server and deletes it from their mailbox to ensure you don’t get the same e-mails over and over again. However, when a mobile picks up the message that’s all it does, so it will still download to your desktop. Next time the phone checks the ISP Inbox, the old messages have gone, so it “corrects” its own Inbox.

Solution: Get a Gmail account which can be accessed from your phone. Then get your ISP e-mail to send a copy of all received e-mails automatically to your Gmail account. That way, you can access them as often as you need to and only delete them when you want to.

I have an old Treo 600 (on orange). I have not changed to 650, 700 or anything because I’ve been thinking that it’s not the right time coz the necessary functions are still working.

These are the functions I use (or used to use):
I really needed microsoft word and used documents to go but it’s impossible to open a word document emailed to me. It was ok for a while 2 years back but either because of upgraded office or something, it now doesn’t work.

I used it to listen to music but the sound coming through the jack is intermittent – sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t – so I’ve given up. Except playing it as it is in the shower (away from the water of course)

I use P.A.R for recording – I’m a researcher so I do interviews using my TREO – that’s still working

I used MunduIM for instant messaging – but now with several upgrades that I refuse to buy, it doesn’t work.

Camera resolution is shite – would love better reso and record video for research

I have mobipocket to read books on, hblogger to blog, .

Should I wait or get the 750v? Or considering everything said above, am I asking the obvious question?

Treo 750 is the biggest shit on this planet. After 8 days of painful installation I will return this disaster. Too many problem to explain…….

As you all know I’ve just “upgraded” from my treo 750 to a nokia 6300 and am a happy bunny again.

But this morning I needed to catch a plane so set every alarm I had for 5:30am, including my treo 750 which I haven’t yet got around to stamping on with my big hiking boots.

It was at this moment I realised that the treo 750 alarm does not have a snooze. What f*&^&*n 12 year old Microsoft programmer did not write the extra couple of lines to give Windows Mobile 5 an alarm snooze facility!? Even my 1970’s Casio digital watch had a snooze so why Microsoft don’t have the brain cells to figure that this is a pretty standard function I just do not understand.

Microsoft in my eyes are just a bunch of brain dead buffoons who couldn’t programme their way out of a yoghurt pot; and so why we continue to let them loose on things that affect humans is just beyond my comprehension.


“There Steve, don’t you feel better now for that rant. Ok that’s our time up, shall we set another appointment for next week?”

I have just one question for all of you…

How many of you gave your TREO 750 a test run before you placed any extra applications onto the darned thing?

I ask this because before I started adding extra applications, my TREO 750 which I got just a few days ago worked just fine. The battery life was tolerable however I admit I didn’t get the phone for the standard software, I got it because I could add my productivity software. I have had the phone for about 5 days now and I learned early on with the PDA/Phones to abuse them early or you will surely lose. I’ve tried both Microsoft and Palm devices and I figured a mixture of the two would be great.

Well I was right sorta…

I now have more of the stability that I wanted, but I realized that it wasn’t the software’s problem after all. I have NOT had to reset the phone a single time and just so you know I am really testing it. I have Time and Vehicle Management software, 2 email sync (every 1 minute) over UMTS ONLY…no stinking GPRS I need to use my phone not watch it grab mail. I use it for search, watch videos, play music…I am testing every nook and cranny. What I noticed was when I told it to only use UMTS that’s when my battery life began to fizzle. Before adding the other software (NOT built by Microsoft) the phone worked just fine and the only complaint I had was for Palm themselves because one of my keys just doesn’t work without a beating.

I know you all have complained about ActiveSync, well other than not being able to use the browser over USB network connection I have no complaints from the Microsoft side and I suspect that is a configuration somewhere that I just haven’t found. I do however have complaints for the applications I loaded. As the clugieness of how they are installed and synced drove me bonkers as did the fact that I had to upgrade my activesync, but the only apps that seemed to be affected were 3rd party apps whose datafiles became corrupt.

That said I have had only 3 PDA phones, I mean vendors: Treo 600 (3), Siemens SX-66 (4+) and Treo 750 (2…only because the key that doesn’t work won’t work for me :).

We spend all this time blaming the software, did anyone consider it was the hardware itself? I didn’t go through so many Siemens because of the software, the software was great…the hardware kept failing…ugh! And I finally got tired of reloading apps so I had a glorified phone that I only synced to Outlook…no more productivity.

Just thought I’d bring a little sunshine to the party d:p

Well I have had this phone for about 3 months now. I think a day has never gone by when I don’t have to reboot.

Bluetooth head set causes trouble – never ever try using voice activated commands, like others my alarms now do not sound, but even worse the appointments randomly decide whether to make a noise and best of all the “I’ve read that now thanks* notification button has disappeared and I have to watch whilst the green light flashes forever just to remind me again and again. To top it all off every appointment since this happened gets read to me like a nice story book wjen I reboot, and this all seemed to happen after voice activated commands mishunderstood me, probably took offence when i told it to Pi$$ off. It does bounce by the way, I have battered it quite a bit and it is still working, so at least it’s robust, guess it has to be for the users to throw it at walls.

In reply to the following, I experienced the same problems after setting menu – preferences – phone setting – TTY/TTD to on. You may have set that to on accidentally. Turn it off if that’s the case.

Also, does anyone have a solution to calendar notification not sounding alarm or displaying pop-up problem? Please help if you do.

Scott Says:
February 11th, 2007 at 12:46 pm
I recently purchase the palm 750 and all of a sudden it has decided it will let me call out and receive a call, but I cannot hear the caller when I speak and they cannot hear my when I speak. No, I don’t have mute on……..

regarding the calendar notification not sounding alarm or displaying pop-up problem, I have just fixed it with a hard-reset erasing all data. It does seem the problem was caused by a corrupt notification db.

Obviously back up all your data on the treo 750v before you proceed. That may include notes, pictures/videos, and personal settings. After the the reset, a sync with your pc should get all the data back onto the phone.

In case, you don’t know, a hard-rest is done by holding red power button down and press the reset button down on the side phone in the memory extension slot.

Anyhow, hope it works for you. I’ve just been woken up with 10 task reminders at 8am on a Saturday… But guess what, I’m ecstatic! haha

I have had the Treo 750 on 3 UK for about six weeks now and overall I am generally happy with it. It does have it’s quirks to put it nicely but I generally find it pretty stable. As I didn’t want to join Vodafone and have their buggy tweaks (something I hated Orange doing), I bought the ROW version that Palm sell directly.

There are only a handful of additional applications on it – namely Skype, Tom Tom (thanks Palm for the freebie) and Google Maps. Prior to the 750, I had the Nokia N91 (wake me up when it’s finally opened the gallery) and the Treo 650 on Orange.

The Treo 650 was great. It would last for 3-4 days with reasonable usage. On the 750, I am lucky to get more than 12 hours and that would have to be my biggest gripe. Having said that, I do have Exchange ActiveSync (thanks to mail2web) running as well as Skype (had Skype removed for a while to see if that was impacting battery life but it did not make much of a difference).

I haven’t had the alarm problem nor have I had problems hearing the person on the other end . Alarms do ring when I need it to but it only does it once. I do wish Microsoft would fix the notifications software. If I have read the email or text message through another entry, stop trying to remind me that I had an email come through 4 hours ago.

As I am on a mac, I run Missing Sync from MarkSpace. The software is pretty good but lately I am finding it still unstable. After the first connection is made, it refuses to accept a new connection unless I reboot. Will have to take that up with MarkSpace.

Overall, I would still recommend the Treo 750 (just not the Vodafone version from the sounds of it). In my eyes, it is still a Treo.

Well now there’s an update, guess what you can’t really find it on the Palm web site however here is the link

HOWEVER! Be extremely warey, although I first thought it was the answer to my prayers I have now realised as per usual that a new version of windows it as crap as the last and will need upgrades for years, how did Bill Gates become so rich selling the worlds worst software?

Windows mobile 6 looks a little nicer, but there’s not much difference in the background as far as I can tell, plus here are the new problems I encountered after the upgrade:

1. Certain keys now need to be hammered hard to get them to work.

2. The typing noise is now just stupid and clicks a hundred times when you type a message.

3. Last but not least the problem I really thought they might fix is that bloody ARRGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!! – yes you’ve guessed it calendaer and alarm problem, after thinking all was well for a few weeks yesterday the damned thing decided I should get up at 5:30am instead of 6:30am and then for the last two days I have turned off all but one of the 3 alarms; obviously someone at Microsoft has a sick sense of humour I am now woken up everyday at 6:30, then 6:45 and when I reboot the phone to try and clear it, it makes sure I did get up! Kill Bill.

What am I saying Windows Vista is great!

I ‘ve got problem to sync PT 750 with MacBookPro (leopard) has using misingsync 4.2, USB is OK but still got problem using bluetooth!, any IDEA,


Bestson M

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