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Apple orders 12 million iPhones for January

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Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs may actually be able to pull off a splashy iPhone announcement at Macworld by January. 
The Mac maker has placed an order for 12 million iPhones to be built by a Taiwanese contract manufacturer, according to an analyst citing reports from Asia. Hon Hai Precision, whose customers include Apple, Cisco, Dell, Nokia, and Sony, has received the order, according to a Taiwan media report cited by UBS Investment Research.

Could be good……….. could be good…….

By Ewan

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One reply on “Apple orders 12 million iPhones for January”

I hear that the new iPhone is going to look really snazzy, available in any colour as long as it is black; and with nice rounded edges. There will be a simple wheel flat with the rest of the screen (just like the ipod) which you need to scroll your finger around to select digits in order to dial a number; gone are the old fashioned 0-9 keys of yester-year. Apple designers just felt they were very unstylish and it is about time people understood the importance of style over userbility.

You will only be able to buy them in Apple Stores and there will be a complete new range of accessories that are completely incompatible with anything else on the market. There will be no way you can plug a standard pair of headphones with 3.5mm jack into it for example so you must buy the new iHeadphones (priced £27).

The new iPhone will also insist that you can only download music to it which is in mp4 format and downloaded off the iTunes service. You will need to synch your iPhone with your PC each night in order to put music on it. There will be no facility for Over-The-Air downloads of music tracks from any other provider.

Finally the iPhone will come in at a whopping £476 (not including the PC docking station) and there will be no deal from mobile operators to pay for it on a monthly contract. Apple see the iPhone as more of a fashion accessory (indeed there will be a range of multi-coloured arm-bands so you can strap it to your arm whilst out running – price just £35 each) and believe the entire world will switch the way they think about mobiles just because it is a sleak cool looking gimmicky device, compared to the old Nokia’s which are just sooooo 90’s.

Industry experts believe over 80 million people will be suckered in to buying the new iPhone because it looks cool and they saw Will Smith sporting one in a Hello photo of him coming out of Beoujis nightclub the other night. But userbility experts warn that “it’ll all just be a fad” and in a couple of years we’ll all wake up and wonder why on earth we are using this dreadful piece of machinery that locks us in to a single provider for all accessories, games, phone contracts, music downloads, etc, etc.

steve procter

PS as a leading industry pundit I already have my demo iPhone so all rush out now to get yours too in order to keep up with the Procter’s of the world!!

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