Are you migrating or consolidating your data centre?

Do you recall a while ago I mentioned I had a new company? I’ve been putting in the hours with it big time recently. It’s called DCMI — which, by the way, stands for Data Centre Migration International. The site’s at

The headline elevator pitch runs like this:

DCMI provides the only software solution available to dramatically reduce the workload, risk & cost of data centre migration.

The solution enables organisations to save up to 60% of the time and 40% of the effort required to consolidate or migrate their data centres.

DCMI’s management team brings over 90 years of IT experience to the data centre migration issue and includes hands-on experience from HP, Oracle, Lehman Bros, UBS, Vodafone and Reuters.

Working with CTO Martin, we’ve put together a phenomenal team of Data Centre brain surgeons — so if you happen to be considering a data centre consolidation or migration, we sould talk — or +44 845 130 5838.

If you think we can do business, let me know — we’re hunting for partners.

PS: Which one of the world’s biggest mobile related companies is MONTHS behind on it’s data centre migration project because they’re doing the pen-and-paper way?

By Ewan

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