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Bluetooth marketing pulls in the crowds at Bavarian nightclub

Link: – Bluetooth Marketing gets the crowd into the club

This is rather nifty. Matthias dropped me the link here and suggested I take a look. A new nightclub used some bluetooth technology to beam its logo to hundreds of VIp guests as the club’s opening launch party. All very well, right? Ok. The kicker is this. The club’s management said that if you showed the logo on your handset, you’d get in free at the next party two weeks after the launch. You were welcome to forward the logo to friends if you wished.

How did they get on? Well, a fortnight later, 800+ people turned up at the club with the logo on their phone and got free entry. Wow!

Here’s the gossip —

Dresden, Germany, October 30th, 2006. On August 26th the new Bavarian nightclub „WS Club’ ( ) organized it’s opening party, using Bluetooth Marketing as a new kind of mobile communication. In cooperation with Feelgoodradio ( ) the Bluetooth Hotspot „Bluebot’ ( ) developed by Haase & Martin GbR (from Dresden, Germany, ) came into use to broadcast the nightclub’s logo for free.

During the party all guests could receive the logo by their own mobile phones to save it as a background image or to forward the image to friends by Bluetooth again. The idea of this marketing campaign was to offer free entry for those people at the next „VIP Free’ party who bring along the „WS Club’-logo with their mobile phones.

Among all guests during the „VIP Free’ party on September 9th about 800 people came showing the logo on their mobile phones at the entrance and all were getting the free entry as promised at the opening party two weeks ago. The Bluetooth campaign was a great contribution to a successful event because days before many guests forwarded the logo to one another using the Bluetooth interface of their mobile phones. In that course the voucher was multiplied independently to advertise the new club in an easy way.

The possibilities of a widely known Bluetooth radio standard can be enhanced enormously when choosing a skilful marketing campaign. Once the campaign has started it can keep going on automatically.

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