Hotxt drops weekly charge to make service free

hotxt is now free

hotxt is now free
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Well this is interesting…

Hotxt, the first unlimited UK text message service, today announced it would end its subscription charges of £1 per week and offer its service completely free* to all users. The free service follows the recent announcement of new lifestyle enhancing features, which allow users to text one another in social groups from their mobile.

It’s now free apart from your data costs — more on this shortly. I’m off to meet the founders this afternoon.

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3 replies on “Hotxt drops weekly charge to make service free”

I’m sure the question that’s on everybodys mind is ‘how will the service be funded now that there’s no weekly charge?’. Guess we’ll find that out after your meeting 🙂

I asked the question and, I think I’m paraphrasing accurately, Doug responded saying, ‘Nothing’s ever free, so we’ll be paying for it.’

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