James Bond uses Sony Ericsson

daniel craig, casino royale

daniel craig, casino royale
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I went to see Casino Royale this evening and apart from the scene with the rope, the bottomless chair and some ‘rendition’, rather enjoyed the whole escapade.

I don’t recall ever noticing what phone James Bond used before. I remember that in previous movies, he controlled his swanky BMW with a Nokia Communicator but somehow, I didn’t feel that counted as a ‘proper’ phone.

This movie is ALLLLLL about the K800. It’s absolutely everywhere — that, and the M600i (or possibly the W950i). Of course, this being Bond, he doesn’t ponce about with your common-or-garden ‘could have bought this in Carphone Warehouse’ K800. No. He’s got himself a different coloured K800. Silvery white.

So’s she. The girl who works for the Treasury, his love interest, flounces around with the M600… not in black/brown, but in a rather fetching white.

You can get yourself a limited edition James Bond K800 (or K790i) if you look about.

Nice one Sony Ericsson. Excellent use of brand integration.

Update: For a bit more on branding, check out Strategic Name Development’s blog on the subject.

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