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Sunday Mirror explains how text messaging works


TEXT messaging is also known as SMS, which stands for Short Messaging Service.

Alex came across this short and sweet definition in the Sunday Mirror.

By Ewan

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5 replies on “Sunday Mirror explains how text messaging works”

Next week’s question: “How does the postal system work?”

“You put your letters in the post box (make sure there is a stamp on them)
Your letters are taken away by the postman and delivered to the person you sent them to.”

Yes, it’s THAT simple! *nod*.

A reader could learn just as much information had they been told that “magic goo makes it happen”.

Hey Dan, don’t mock, sending a letter these days is damn complicated – you don’t have to just weigh it but now you have to play Mr Postman and try and post it through a series of little slots on a piece of shiny card to find out what size bracket it’s in. Had me in a right sweat the other day 😉 I just can’t imagine how Sunday Mirror readers manage with it…

But serious question about this twaddle…has the journalist just arrived back from filming birds of paradise for the last 11 years in Papua New Guinea and never actually seen a mobile before? Or is the demographic of Sunday Mirror readers really a bunch who aren’t part of those sending over 100 million sms per day in this country!? We all assume that every man and his kids, grandmother and dog are sending sms, but perhaps they aren’t. Would love to see some breakdowns of mobile/sms usage by social demographic…can anyone oblige?

steve procter

My mum and dad do (56, 60) and so does my granny (85).

So thats pretty good, although they do get a lot of the short phrases wrong so I end up calling them to find out what there actually trying to say….

My mum hasn’t quite figured out how to get a full stop, so texts from her read something like hello alex how are you something really funny happened the other day will tell you later your dad says hello hope you are ok love ma x

Of course it doesn’t always come out right, as she’s either dyslexic or accidently turned on predictive text. Bless. 🙂

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