Supporting The Gadget Show’s Campaign for Free WiFi

Link: The Gadget Show Campaign for Free WiFi

This week on The Gadget Show, Jason explored a pilot scheme which supplies the city of Norwich with free WiFi internet access for its people.

A great idea, but not enough. We want to see free WiFi in every major town and city in the UK; for business, for tourism, for the future, and for anyone and everyone who relies on the internet.

If you agree, please sign up to our online campaign here, and we’ll take it all the way to the top.

Got this from viewer Jeremy who’s signed the petition. I have too.

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8 replies on “Supporting The Gadget Show’s Campaign for Free WiFi”

Where can get free wi-fi round London, Catford. South East 6. And is possible to set up a free wi-fi systems around South East London. And do someone go about doing so. Who to see about it and much will it cost?

Maybe some one should set up a online petition on the No.10 Web Site, lets see if it gets as many signatures as the Road Charges one!

You can get free wifi at Everyman Theatre & Bistro, World Museum, Maritime Museum, Sir Thomas Hotel (all in Liverpool) and Casa Italia (Southport) and Southport Theatre & Floral Hall!

I’ve been in Sharm, Egypt recently and every single little coffee shop has free wifi access. They know that their business model is selling coffee and shisha; nothing more, nothing less.

I saw people walk up to a table, order a coffee and then get out their laptop and headset and start making VOIP calls to all their friends. It costs them exactly the price of a coffee (and don’t even get me started on the price of coffee!!!).


Meanwhile, find free Wifi hotspots using Total Hotspots for iPhone. Available free here… (was £2.99).

You can also search Rummble for “free wifi”, although it doesnt have the richer Wifi hotspots information for paid wifi zones which Total Hotspots has. You can download Rummble for Android, Rummble for iPhone or Rummble for Windows Phone 6.5 here: or visit

Infact, Total Hotspots was featured on the Gadget show a while back and gave it 5/5 !

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