The British Mobile Operator Rankings Panel

More on the Operator Rankings. Our esteemed panel consists of:

– Me
– Steve Procter, iTAGG
– Dan Lane, BlackFin
– Jim Black, MX Alliance

Ever Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 2203, the SMS Text News server sends out a ranking reminder to the panel, who then login and cast their votes.

We started yesterday with all mobile operators on a 10 ranking. So far things have dropped quite substantially for o2, languishing at 6.75, Orange and Vodafone are stable on 8 whilst Three is leading the pack with a 9.00 rating.

This is set to change dramatically as Steve casts his vote 😉

Join the British Mobile Operator Rankings Panel!
If you’d like to join, email me at

To qualify, you must be a UK resident mobile geek of sorts. Further, you have to have opinions — and the ability to cast that opinion fairly each time you’re reminded by the server. And it’s just a bit of fun. If we can get a bit of a wide ranging panel, it could be quite interesting to see how everybody rates various operators.

A bit about how to do the ratings
Simple. For each operator, sit back and think how you react to that particular operator at that moment. Could be warm. Could be cold. Could be neutral. Things to consider: new announcements, new handsets, stupid policies, billing screw-ups, advertising and so on. It’s simply an opinion tracker.

Onwards and upwards.

  • Darren

    Hi Ewan,

    This sounds like a great experiment. For reference, I am a Telecommunications consultant and long time mobile geek.


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