What exactly is going on with Neomedia?

I’ve getting loads of anonymous tips that I just can’t publish regarding Neomedia (check out the Investors’ Hub topics flying left right and centre). I’ve no idea of the veracity of some of the claims being made.

Can anyone explain to me in a non-actionable manner, what exactly is happening with Neomedia?

By Ewan

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ewan, NeoMedia is preparing a large scale launch of their QODE software platform. If successful it will take mobile marketing up to the next level. In so doing, some businesses will be hurt, (hence, the negativity that has been floated). At the same time it will create new opportunities for others.

The only way to perceive the value of QODE is to download it and take it for a spin. As you know mobile marketing is in it’s infancy, crawling if you will. Qode has the features to get it up and running. That is my understanding having researched all of NeoMedias filings and patents. As with all businesses, the market will decide it’s value.

Larry, Moe & Curly! Wherever I find a blog post about Neomedia I always find two things: 1. Blogger asking: so what’s the deal with Neomedia? or something pretty much similar. 2. “Commenter” cheering about how Neomedia will kick ass. As far as I’m concerned, Neomedia is somewhat behind their competitors in the “barcode reading” field and their patent claims are so bogus that EFF is already looking for a way to avoid them succeeding on the matter.

Terry, I might think that you don’t know much about Gavitec, a company of Neomedia. Gavitec’s Lavasphere software is they component of Glass (Active Print project).

Active Project
Collaboration between Gavitec, PH Labs Bristol, BCC, Vodafone (Technical reports)
“You Are Here” – Experiences with Located Symbols
August 21, 2006


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