640k should be enough for anybody: 100k data should be enough for anybody

Link: Reader was charged £950 for two hours’ TV – Sunday Times – Times Online

O2 claimed that the vast majority of its users did not use the internet on their mobiles extensively and that a 100kb free limit was sufficient.

Sorry, ok, I had to quote this line from o2 used on the second page of the Sunday Times feature.

Will you read that? Gahh.

You’re the IDIOTS who put the TOP OF THE RANGE 3g handsets into your customers hands!

You’re the ones who SUBSIDISED the handsets!

Are you SERIOUSLY telling me that o2’s entire strategy rests on hoping that your customers, now sporting K800s up to their ears, don’t bother using data on their handsets?

Of course not.

Of COURSE you want them using data. Ideally at 3 quid a meg…………..

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