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Fantasies abound: Don’t worry, it’s ok, News Corp can still buy Three UK

Link: China Mobile Ltd rejects reports of talks to buy Hutchison’s UK, Italy 3G ops –

China Mobile Ltd rejected reports that it is in talks to buy Hutchison Whampoa Ltd’s 3G operations in the UK and Italy. ‘No such thing is going on,’ a company spokeswoman told XFN-Asia.

Who knows? Not me, dear reader.

If The Register publishes it, then it must be true, right? 😉

I think it was Steve of iTagg who first put the idea of News Corp buying Three UK into my head. I really liked the fantasy. If Three are for sale, it’d be interesting to see them acquired by a bulldog of a media baron who’d push them forward and begin nailing the other stagnant mobile operators. If only.

Then there’s Apple. I’d like to see what a singularly focused Mr Jobs would do with the mobile industry in this country.

Or, well, hmm. Anyone else? Who else could buy them and really bring a bit of excitement to the industry? Dunno. They’re doing pretty well themselves with X-Series, I reckon, however a bit of corporate ‘oh-miiii-god’ could be useful. I’d like to see a media player battling against a set of traditional operators run by people who still think that an 8k telephone landline is the height of modernity.

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One reply on “Fantasies abound: Don’t worry, it’s ok, News Corp can still buy Three UK”

if I were a media baron then I’d definitely want to purchase a mobile operator with global reach. I’d want to cover all bases to ensure that when everything converges it is likely to be my content on my services on my platforms, no matter what combination of the above you are using/watching.

Oh and while I’m at it of course I’d need to buy up some useful domain names such as ’’ to handle to convergance of home pc based services with email communication with HD ready TV screens with red-button services with a lean-back remote keyboard attached to above said tv screen with my interactive TV programming. Now I wonder who owns the domain name and would happily sell it for the right price…..


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