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South Korean government limits teen mobile usage to US$40/month

Link: South Korean government caps teens mobile phone use

South Korean parents who despair at having to pay skyrocketing mobile phone bills for their chatty children now have the government on their side. Starting in 2007, new telecom regulations will include a contract that basically prohibits teens from spending more than US$40 a month on the phone.

I’m not sure where I stand on this; or to be frank, how it will specifically be implemented and policed. It’s either a step in the right direction to prevent teenagers from blowing their cash on stupidly priced mobile services; or it’s an invasion of privacy and a super example of nanny-state interference.

By Ewan

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2 replies on “South Korean government limits teen mobile usage to US$40/month”

neither do I, I myself being a korean never really had the urge to use a cellphone as a matter of fact i dont really need one lol but to put it simply id lean more towards nanny state interference. Just like the U.S. with their fast food addiction and obesity, it is no different than South Korea with their cellphone and gaming addictions. The more you wanna eat the more you pay, the more you wanna play and chat the more you pay. So I’m leaning more towards state interference.

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