Today, I am mostly pondering: Yahoo Go

Since it’s effectively ‘free’ on Three, I’ve taken another look at it.

It’s actually shit-hot in terms of features, depending on your perspective — my major perspective being the ability to transmit anything via the Yahoo service on the N73 as part of ‘inclusive data’. Hmmm.

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2 replies on “Today, I am mostly pondering: Yahoo Go”

I love Yahoo Go.

It really is a killer app IMO – one that I couldn’t do without when I got my N73..
(I used it constantly on my N70 before that)

But I think it’s kinda odd in that you can’t actually download the N73 version from Yahoo themselves..

See here:

I’ve asked Yahoo about this and had no response.
I ended up getting it from – but yeah – I just think it’s weird.

Do you think Three have some kind of exclusivity agreement with Yahoo?

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