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What’s your mobile’s bluetooth identity name?

I was sat in Hamburger Union on Dean Street last week. Nice burgers, by the way.

I had my E61 out on the table. Whenever I sit down at a restaurant, I take my phones out of my pockets or bags and I pile them up on the restaurant table, generally text to the salt and pepper. It’s not a Rainman-thing, it’s just that a friend of mine had his wallet and handset stolen from his coat which was hanging on the back of his chair. He had the zips fastened on all the pockets of his jacket as well. So I’d much rather have the handsets sat there in front of me where it’s difficult for folk to lean over or quickly swipe (hence having the salt and pepper nearby).

Now, because of this, if you’re ‘in-the-know’, you can see that it’s a Nokia E61 I’m using, right?

So, when you do a bluetooth look-up on your handset, to see how many phones are nearby, you would, be default, see ‘Nokia E61’ in your list of available devices.

You can thus infer that the Nokia E61 on the table in front of me is ALSO the Nokia E61 in your bluetooth device list. I hadn’t bothered changing the default bluetooth identity you see.

Here’s the issue: Someone in the restaurant sent me a picture. My phone wasn’t paired with them, so I had a prompt on my phone saying ‘Would you like to accept a picture from Nokia 6680’ or something like that.

I declined.

I’m slightly curious as to what the person was sending. For example, it could have been from one of the good looking girls in the corner.

It could have also been from one of the Hells Angels chaps in the other corner. Hamburger Union attracts all types 😉

Whilst I was munching through my burger I recognised that I don’t really want people to be able to connect me — physically — with the device I’m carrying.

So, to be a bit confusing, slightly cryptic and rather geeky, instead of naming my device ‘Ewan’, I’ve named it ‘Nokia N95’.


On this point: How do you select your bluetooth identity? Do you keep the standard one?


  1. Hi Ewan,

    We we’re sitting in the Toby Carvery the other night and my girlfriends brother searched for other bluetooth devices. He picked up ‘man eater’ which I assume was one of the noisy christmas party next to us and ‘jesus loves you’ very random. My gf’s is carlyeggcup! not bothered to change mine.


  2. I just call it one shoe after te internetcompany i own hoping someone gets triggered to sent me something. Our company was the first to launch a bluetoothmarketing campaign in a supermarket in the netherlands but i have never received a message from an individual. Why did you not allow the message? Not intrigued or not amused?

  3. I know a friend who has one called thedevilsphone.
    We are both Christians but can you imagine the uproar it causes when we go into churches and people pick up on his signal.

    Here’s to future excommunication!!! LOL

  4. I saw a bloke on the tube with the 7600 (I think – the funny ‘tear’ shaped handset that came out a few years back) who was wearing a hat..

    So I knocked up a quick contact called ‘nice hat’ and BT’d to the first 7600 i found on my list…

    His reaction was brilliant.

    But yeah – cunning.

    For a while my BT name was ‘send me stuff’ – now it’s something stupid like ‘Whisky!’ – I don’t really recall..

    Maybe I’ll change it back.

    I personally like receiving random stuff as and when.

  5. My N80 swore blind last night it was ‘Alex’ when checking in the Bluetooth settings, but on further investigation it was being seen as ‘Symbian Device’. Changed it to Alex and all is good now.


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