16 questions with Oren Todoros of eMoze

gse_multipart13125I’ve talked now and again with Oren of mobile messaging services company, eMoze and I asked him to tell us a little bit more about himself and his company.

Here we go…

1. What was your first mobile handset?
I have to think about this for a moment because the only thing that stands out in my mind is that it came with it’s own luggage. It must have been a Motorola of some sort.

2. What is your current mobile strategy? (i.e. Handsets, devices, networks)
I’m thrilled with my current I-mate K-jam. It’s a little slower than I expected but I get a world of work done on it. I need more memory for this device I’ve got to sweet talk someone in the office into giving me a free MINI SD memory card.

If anyone has a free MINI SD card for me, You can send it to the “Needy Oren” Fund to help frustrated Imate users such as myself!

3. What price plan are you using right now?

4. What’s your background?
Online Marketing Manager with 6 years of Experience. Currently managing the online marketing for a Free Push Email solution.

I’m also Married and the proud father of an incredible 4 year old girl named Shely and a 1 Year old girl named Lior who are the center of my world.

I grew up in Montreal but now living in Israel, raising my family here & enjoying the weather.

I updated a few blogs in my spare time.

5. What sites do you regularly read to keep up to date with mobile?
Mostly forums such as

and the great people at

I’ve recently discovered and you can now consider me a fan!

Mobilemonday is a must to stay up to date with mobile industry news.

And one I have to slide in here for good mesure, cause I’m working so hard on it.

6. What was your mobile bill last month? What do you think is a fair amount to pay for your mobile service each month?
It must have been about $150 or so, I’ve been pretty good with staying within my data plan but once i’m out of the office on business this is going to double, easily!

7. Pick 3 people that you admire and rate in the mobile industry and give us 2-3 lines about each.
I’m still very fresh to the mobile Industry to give specific names of people I admire but there are some incredibly creative and talented service providers that make this industry so competitive and interesting.

I do have to give mention to Benny Ballin, emoze CEO who is the reason I’m on board within the mobile industry.

I’m finding that Mobile related bloggers and forums are Extremely open minded and supportive of eachother which makes work feel a lot less like well Work!

8. Do you have any pets?
Not at the moment, still waiting for my baby daughter to grow up a little more before we introduce a new dog to the family.

9. What one issue or technological advancement would you like to see with the mobile industry? What are you looking forward to?
The fastest technological advancement I’m looking forward to seeing within the mobile industry is price cuts PDA devices in order to make them mass market solutions. Breaking the boundries of where and how we stay connected & work is a change that will effect our every day lives. I’m looking forward to that moment immensely.

10. What’s your ringtone?
Let Me Hear You say Ya-ooo BY the Out there brothers.. But it’s constantly changing. I’m crazy about ringtones and any sound I could customize on my device.

11. What’s the last movie you saw at the cinema?
Arthur and the Invisibles: Luc Besson’s a genious, this is a very fun one to watch.
I’ve got to also mention Blood Diamon which is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time.

12. What services do you most use on your handset?
emoze: Free Push Email solution – emoze pushes, in real time, all Outlook & Lotus notes content including emails, calendar, contacts and tasks directly onto the mobile device and vice versa.

Downloadable free at:

13. What’s the hottest mobile service to catch your eye recently?
Hottest Mobile Service… I’ve been playing around with so many but Opera mini is one I’m using very frequently. Hubdog is a service that I enjoy alot as well, freshly generated blog content on my device at all times. No need to print articles anymore, I take them all with me.

14. When did you last send a picture / video message — and who was it to?
Not recently, One of the biggest drawbacks on my device is it’s weak camera, all the pictures come out looking yellowish and green.

15. What new mobile companies have caught your attention this year?
The one I work for, emoze, For a couple of reasons:
1. The staff here is very dedicated to distributing our free service, we all strongly believe in pushing the mobile world forward.

2. There are a few very impressive changes ahead that many of our users are anxiously waiting for.

3. The Free Toys. Theres a lot of devices running through the office and it’s always fun to get try them all out.

16. What is the best thing and the worst thing about the mobile industry?
The best thing is that on one hand it’s advancing quickly and we’re all in for the ride.

I’ll be at the 3GSMshow in Barcelona next month, That should be great!

The Worst thing about the industry is that data packages are tieing the industry down. Users are clueless when it comes to the plan they’re or that one even exists. A lot of clarification needs to happen from the providers for all of us to come out on top.

Thanks Oren!

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

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