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Apple’s Phone: Your opinion please?

I’ve begun receiving a heck of a lot of comments from people — some thinking the device is the best thing since sliced bread, some not caring, others reckoning it’s going to die a slow death compared to the existing competition — whilst some reckon there are some serious flaws.

Trouble is, I’m having to write back to everyone to say, ‘Please can I post your email comment?’ 😉

Now. Is this a huge turning point? Apple to dominate the mobile phone industry too? Are mobile operators sat vomitting in the corner with fright? Are we witnessing history in the making………… Or, do you reckon there’s far too much Apple warped reality around?

I just spoke to my good friend, a New York Property Baroness, about the iPod. She’s totally non-geek. She’s the one who kept a new Blackberry (gift from brother) in a box under her desk for a year, much to my TOTAL annoyance. Anyway, she’s been watching the Apple launch.

You what? She’s actually been watching it. Her opinion:

Sexy Steve Jobs has today been out-sexied by his iphone. I want one!

I’ve had friends — nonmobs — all over the place, emailing, texting and IMming asking me about the device and asking if I’ve seen it.

So, what do you think?

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

14 replies on “Apple’s Phone: Your opinion please?”

Look @ Apples market share versus Microsoft market share that will be the share that iphone will have in the mobile world.
Its not like ipod where Apple got a clean jump on a bunch of crap opposition.
quote me please 🙂

I have wanted to convert to Apple for years and never could justify it, the Ipod didn’t and couldn’t do it, one look at the I-phone is all it needed. So roll on UK release and Apple Bull Ring here I come (maybe but, will have the phone for sure). BTW this is not the first time a phone with full screen woithout buttons has been on the market. There was one other years ago!!!

My18 month old ipod has just died (battery won’t hold a charge) so I can’t say i’m apples biggest fan at the moment.

However Apple do produce someof the most beautiful and most aspirartiional consumer products on the planet, so I expect the phone will be no different.

Interesting comment from Jobs re the killer app though!

Sleek, sexy and, from what I’ve read so far, revolutionary in terms of functionality and user interface.
About time the mobile manufacturers got a huge kick up their collective arses!

If it’s running a subset of OS X, am I right in guessing other apps will be ported over?
Skype by iPhone anybody?

Oh and I’m sure one of the bloggers mentioned there’d be a 3G version presumably for the European market…

Well done Apple!

I watched the liveblog at and am currently watching the video from Apple.

The iPhone is an incredible step forward for consumer handsets, it oozes the Apple slickness that switchers like myself have come to expect.

In terms of core functionality, I don’t think the iPhone brings anything new to the table but it’s all wrapped in that beautifully slick package (see the browser for example, using the same Webkit base as Nokia they created something SO much more intuitive), you might have noticed I’m a huge fan of great interfaces and Apple has really excelled in this area.

Look at the Google Maps application… I have Google Maps on my E61 the same core functionality is there but it looks SO much cooler on the iPhone (incidentally I read they are still in the process of licensing the iPhone name from Cisco Linksys). I do hope the built-in GMaps click-to-call features come to the next release of the series 60 app.

I was shocked to hear that the iPhone was EDGE based but it kind of goes hand-in-hand with their choice of Cingular as their US carrier. So who will carry the iPhone in the UK? I’m not 100% sure on this but I believe Orange offer EDGE in the UK but I don’t think anyone else does. So will they update it to the much faster UMTS? If so will they add a second camera to the device and make with the iChat integration… now iPhone Desk iChat video WOULD be ground breaking functionality, but digression aside, who will carry the iPhone in the UK? I like to think T-Mobile but surely they would have secured a worldwide gig? next bet would be Three, they’ve certainly demonstrated recently that they have the vision and drive to take on something like this.

I was very excited about the N95, and still am… but I’m just as excited about the iPhone.

Am I upset that I signed a new contract with T-Mobile and got myself an E61 last week? no!… first of all, the iPhone will be a great consumer handset… in fact I’ll go so far as to say it’ll be the BEST consumer handset for the next year or so.

Personally, I’m totally addicted to push e-mail, apparently the iPhone supports a Yahoo! branded Push IMAP (sounds like IMAP IDLE, which has been supported by Nokia for YEARS) and I’m addicted to good keyboards, I LIKE tactile feedback.

multi-touch vs tactile feedback… it’s a tricky one that I can’t decide until I get my hands on an iPhone.

Yes, it’s exciting and on the surface it’s groundbreaking but underneath, you’re still stuck with the same old fashioned networks. At least having most of my MP3 collection on the iPhone signifies yet another nail in the coffin of the ringtone industry.

In short… when I’m queuing outside the Apple store to buy the iPhone, I’ll have an E61 and probably an N95 in my pockets.

2MP camera – is that all?
Will it survive drunken nights in the pub?
will they release a new one every 3 months like the other makers?
Do all apple events have the feel of some kind of evangelical cult?
looks pretty sexy though, i’ll have one

I work in the music business and over the last year or so have found I am doing more and more communication using Apples iChat.
It has made video conferencing simple and pleasurable and on top of that the fileshare capabilities are second to none. It is possible to see who is in the office or studio and available anywhere in the world.
Because of this capability we are now doing a recording with the artist and producer in London but the programmer in Stockholm and the guitarist in Nashville.
On top of this our phone bills are down 50% and our texting down 70%.
As Apple is running OSX on the iPhone then I’m sure they plan to have full iChat functionalty running as well and it will change all our lives I promise.
I will be ordering an iPhone in advance. I have not met anybody who doesn’t want one yet, how about you?

Mike, I reckon I will simply have to get one — to at least try it out! It really does look rather exciting!

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