Bluecasting, Bluespamming, whatever you call it, it’s total rubbish

Link: More on Bluespamming at MobHappy

Bluespamming continues to live on: using Bluetooth to distribute marketing content, but doing it responsibly, makes it ridiculously obtuse for interested users.

I was reading Carlo’s post about bluespamming or bluecasting — he’s written more at the above link.

The practice of setting up a gizmo to send, uninvited, videos, pictures or whatever to people’s handsets via bluetooth is just stupid.

It’s far past stupid. It’s rubbish.

There are very few exceptions.

The concept is good. I like the concept.

The implementation is rubbish.

It is just total shit.

I am mightily glad I’m not the business development chap or chappess in charge of having to sell the concept to a smart marketing officer. A smart marketing person will ask all the questions Carlo has in his piece above, and thensome. Handsets were not built to work with bluetooth in his way.

The whole user model is nothing short of appalling.

If it was a text message, fine.

But it’s not.

It’s an ugly, ugly message that most consumers don’t care for. It’s then a hugely underwhelming experience — to be sent a 100×100 shite image. Or some blocky video. You have to pair with the sodding device. It’s just……… it’s a by-hook-or-by-crook marketing method. How many sodding hoops do you want your (potential) customers to jump through so you can get them to view a video on their phones? Please. Stick it on Youtube or something, do the marketing that way. Bluecasting in a theatre? Bluecasting in a street? Oh dear.

Dear me.

The exceptions: People who want it. Fair enough going up to a bluetooth gizmo and actively *getting* the content. That’s fine. Otherwise, thank you for coming. NEXT.

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