Hunting for UK inbound MMS numbers

I had an email in this morning asking if I knew anyone who could provide just one dedicated inbound MMS number for the UK.

The chap in question has asked if I can recommend multiple suppliers as per his client’s request. I knew off the top of my head that MX and iTagg can provide this, but I ended up having to say to him, ‘errrrrr… and other people too.’

Help me out? Who else in the UK does dedicated inbound MMS MSISDN numbers? Can you recommend anyone? Mail me or post as a comment!

By Ewan

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yep obviously we at iTAGG and a few others do dedicated virtual msisdn’s for inbound MMS. But the thing that’s hot right now is our keywords on a shared 5 digit shortcode which handles both inbound sms and mms.

As predicted, sales of virtual long numbers for mms have dropped over the past 6 months and people taking up the mms on shared shortcode are starting to rocket. It will be very interesting to watch over the coming year to see more and more inbound MMS services being advertised on a shortcode rather than the old fashioned virtual long numbers.

oh and when you’re hunting around for combined sms and mms keywords, don’t expect to pay more than £25 per year!


I just rang IV Response, and they were not very helpful. Said they can’t offer the service!

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