London Underground Busker using Sony Ericsson to power backing track

Oh this is just wicked.

Mark, top chap at SMS Text News sponsor, ShopQwik, whacked me this.

Fascinating. Wicked. Brilliant. Love it.

Hey Ewan,

I was walking from the tube to the escalator in Piccadilly last night when I noticed this busker setting up. He had a smallish speaker with a cable to his electric guitar and he was pressing feverishly on his mobile phone.. I was thinking “You can’t get a signal down here can you..?”, but then he put the phone down and started playing with a full backing track coming from his phone (Sony K750i) which was also connected to the speaker…!

How cool is that!!! He had his whole set stored on his phone and just turned up with a guitar, speaker, mobile phone and hit playlist 1 !!!

Coolest thing I’ve seen in a while…


Isn’t that brilliant? Wow!

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