Putty SSH on the Nokia E61


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I use a lot of SSH now and again to keep an eye on what our servers are doing. Instead of hunting around for a good SSH client, I decided to ask the Oracle, Rafe, of All About Symbian what he recommended.

In miliseconds I got a reply sending me to the s2putty sourceforge page to get the Symbian Series 60 version.

I downloaded it and……. well, it’s fantastic.

The only issue I have is that the passwords for our servers are absolutely horrific. Shocking. You need to cut and paste’em because they’re such an arse to type.

Yes, I could fiddle around with public and private keys, but that, also, is a bit of an arse to configure unless you’re a ultra geek like the chaps, for example, at Blackfin. I bet Dan and Jay already have SSH on their E61s.

So alas my screenshot here is blank. Just imagine lots of unix code on it. I tried logging in a few times to one of the servers to take some screenshots but I kept getting the password wrong 😉

I know, however, that if I need to, if I absolutely positively need to get access to a server, I can manually type in the password and I’m connected. It’s good and fast too.


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4 replies on “Putty SSH on the Nokia E61”

SSH on the e61 is great – I could really do with an escape key though, vi’s just no fun without it!

Still waiting for Dan to upgrade himself so we can run an sshd on his implant 😉

Jay: Options -> Send -> Special Char -> Escape

It’s a bit much just to send an escape but it gets the job done.

As for the implant, I was actually thinking about upgrading to a chip with a higher storage capacity so I could store my SSH keys in there 🙂

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